Elitaire Misdaad

Elite Gangster Billboard krijgt internationale erkenning van MAYDAY.US.

Billboard Elite- Gangsters

“Miljardairs-Gangsters voeren actie tegen Miljardairs-Gangsters. ‘Mayday-Banana-Fraude-Nederland’”.

MAYDAY.US erkent Elite Gangster Billboard van Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir als de Mugshots van de Dutch corrupt rats in suits.

Aan: Steve Brown
Antw.: Elite Gangster Billboard in The Netherlands
Hi Steve,
Thank you for your words of support! I appreciate them. Your billboard/mugshots site is great! It makes me sad to say it, but corruption is not just an American problem, by any means.
Keep fighting,

rachel perkins

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  1. @Goldwyn Brothers
    Thanks I didn’t know who she was so I looked it up at Wiki(lie)pedia and she looked one of the good people with also brains.
    Btw I am a great admirer of Louis Theroux.
    About the program of badboys it is time to confront them http://wp.me/p1rJO5-6bl

    I would love to chase those Rats in Suits on the hockey fields and in there 5 stars hotels and of course catch them in there act in bed with for example a Russian 5 stars to young call girl in a luxury brothel.


  2. Steven. She is filmdirector. When starts the series of movies like the ones of Louis Theroux? Plenty of bad boys in the Netherlands.


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