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Western MSM ignoring ‘unworthy civilian victims’ of US-led Mosul attacks.

( van onze dr. Goebbels propaganda redactie i.s.m. RT.)

AMSTERDAM-NOIRWat u nooit ziet in bij Staats-NOS en waar u de oude CDA NATO Ratten Bot en Scheffer (Video)nooit over hoor bij de Staats-NOS en ‘Pis-News Paay- Bral-omroepen'(Video).
In Aleppo there was a tendency among Western reporters, certainly in the US, to point out Russia was leading the operation, so any civilian casualties and damage could be blamed on it, explains retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski. Iraqi forces, backed by the US military, are pushing deeper into western Mosul to rid the city of Islamic State terrorists.

The UN says more than 150,000 residents have fled as the latest offensive enters its second month. As the battle for Mosul intensifies, more reports of civilian causalities are emerging.However, the plight of the civilian population caught in the crossfire seems to be under-reported in much of the mainstream media.RT: The human tragedy in Mosul is not getting anything like the same amount of media attention as last year’s operation in Aleppo. Why is that, do you think? Karen Kwiatkowski: In Aleppo, there was a tendency, or a desire among the Western reporters, certainly in the US, to point out that Russia was leading this and so any civilian casualties and damage done, destruction from missiles could be blamed; it had a political usefulness in the US, at least in terms of Washington pointing the finger at another country. I don’t think it makes the US look good, but I guess from their perspective somebody else was doing something that was causing a lot of humanitarian disasters.


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  1. Mee af aan hebben we, Nederlandse burgers er niet om gevraagd zoveel leed onder de Arabische-Aziatische bevolking te verspreiden?Dit houdt in dat er minder gestemd zou worden, want heel het parlement hangt aan de lippen van VS en Nato?


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