Elitaire Misdaad

De Trots van Rutte is een Moordende ‘Christelijke-VOC-Shell-Machine’ die niet onderdoet voor ‘Islam’-ISIS.

( Door Eindhoven en ondersteun door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Rutte is woest: Honderden schadeclaims van kinderen geëxecuteerde Indiërs(Video).
Sinds de ‘Royal-VOC- tijd‘ van slavernij en moorden en plunderen van Derde Wereld landen en uitbuiten( moderne Slavernij) van het Nederlandse Volk(Video) is er onder ‘Christelijk’-Shell-Rutte&Co’ met zijn VVD-misdaadgroep(Video) en zijn Graai ‘Taxfree- Shell-King Willem’ niets veranderend. Vanaf het midden van de 19e eeuw begon het ‘Royal-Elite-Gangster-bestuur’ van Nederlands-Indië haar greep op de eilanden te verstevigen, zo ook op Bali en tegenwoordig in bijv.Nigeria.

Vanaf 1840 kwam het eiland geleidelijk aan onder corrupt en moordend Nederlands bestuur. In 1846, 1848 en 1849 werden drie militaire expedities op touw gezet om de noordelijke delen van Bali te onderwerpen. De koning van Buleleng vocht zichzelf dood samen met drie duizend ‘ongewapende’ volgelingen in een rituele zelfmoordaanval (Perang Poepoetan, zie video reportage hieronder). Bij de Vrede van Kuta van 15 juli 1849, waarin de Deense zakenman Mads Lange een belangrijke rol van bemiddelaar had gespeeld, had heel Bali de opperheerschappij van Nederland erkend en werd Singaraja de hoofdstad van het eiland. Er zouden echter nog meerdere opstanden en militaire interventies en moorden en plunderingen en verkrachtingen plaatsvinden en pas op 18 januari 1909 kwam het hele eiland onder rechtstreeks Nederlands ‘Rat in pak bestuur’(Video).




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  1. The hit piece of newspaper NRC on member of parliament Pieter Omtzigt came just before Ollongren had sent her letter to the parliament. Omtzigt was depicted by NRC as a politician disseminating Russian propaganda and spreading doubt about the findings of the official reports of the Dutch Security Board (DSB) and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of the Russian army having taken down MH17 with a BUK.

    What happened? On May 11th Omtzigt had attended a panel discussion at De Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, about the legal aspects of the MH17 disaster. At the end of the panel discussion at the university, during the Q&As, someone from the public declared that he had seen other aircrafts in the sky near the Malaysian Airlines plane at the time it was shot down in July 2014. He then asked the participants from the panel who he should approach. Omtzigt then replied that he should submit his testimony to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).
    NRC revealed that Omtzigt had met with the man, Aleksandr R., before the meeting and had helped him to script his question. The paper also wrote R. had not been at home on the night of the crash, that he had already been interviewed by officials of JIT who had discounted him as a witness and that Omtzigt knew about this.

    The NRC article led to a storm of reactions and it became immediately clear Omtzigt’s position had become at stake. Elder statesman Frans Weisglas, a former chair of the Lower House, and prominent member of the ruling VVD party, tweeted that the allegations against Omtzigt, if proven, ‘justified his departure from Parliament’.

    Why these attacks of NRC and VVD on Pieter Omtzigt? Omtzigt is a very popular politician. He has won a lot of praise for his tenacious campaigning on the MH17 investigation. But at the same time, he is a pain in the back to prime minister Mark Rutte. In May this year, Rutte accused Omtzigt of making ‘below the belt insinuations’ about MH17, and he also told him to choose between ‘continuing to make political capital out of MH17 or wanting us to reach a conclusion and hopefully convict the bad guys.’

    And so no wonder, there are people trying to rid of Omtzigt, especially in Rutte’s liberal VVD party.

    As for NRC, in its mission statement, it clearly describes itself as a supporter of NATO. Former Secretary-General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen had put the blame for the downing of MH17 on Russia from the beginning, even before the official investigations had started. He said the MH17 disaster was a tragic consequence of Russia’s ‘reckless’ policy in Ukraine.

    NRC and VVD succeeded in their attack on Omtzigt. Although Omtzigt was allowed to remain in his job as a parliamentarian, he stepped down as spokesman on the MH17 crash. Much to the disappointment of chairman Piet Ploeg of Stichting Vliegramp MH17, a group of relatives of the victims, who has expressed his regret about the decision to take Omtzigt from the MH17 case. “He showed an unbelievable activity”, Ploeg said. “It’s a shame that someone like him with so much knowledge of the subject no longer can speak.”

    The attack on Omtzigt is now backfiring on NRC. Omtzigt-gate has become NRC-gate. Although Omtzigt regretted his intervention (“I behaved inappropriately at this meeting”), he denied he knew the man wasn’t a genuine eyewitness. “A companion of an asylum seeker from Ukraine invited me to talk to him before the meeting”, Omtzigt explained on his Facebook timeline. “Speaking through a translator, during a confusing conversation the man indicated he and his wife were in the area where MH17 came down – at least this was the impression I got.”

    “In addition, the man said no one wanted to listen to his story, and that he and his wife had relevant material at their disposal. When I understood the man wanted to speak at the meeting, I consulted both the moderator and lecturer (…) The man wanted to speak for half an hour, but he was allowed only a minute. He didn’t know what element to pick from his long story. To help him with this I then sent him a text message with what I thought were the main points of what he wanted to say.”

    Both the moderator and the lecturer confirmed Omtzigt’s story. Moderator Hella Hueck says she did not feel at the time that Omtzigt had tried to influence the discussion. “He helped me and the organizers to prevent the man from delivering a half-hour tirade,” she told broadcaster WNL. “Also, he didn’t arrange speaking time for him, because it was an open meeting,”

    “It’s a remarkable spin to suggest Omtzigt acted inflammatory or was even commissioned by the Russians”, lecturer and organizer of the meeting Marieke de Hoon tweeted. In an additional tweet, she delicately noticed that NRC had written an article about a meeting not one of its reporters had witnessed.

    Associate professor Erik Denters of the Vrije Universiteit, who had attended the meeting, reacted furiously. “NRC disseminates fake news”, he wrote.

    Etcetera, etcetera. Even journalists, normally not very eager to criticize each other, are now speaking out. Deputy editor of RTL Nieuws Pieter Klein has revealed NRC interviewed him about his impression of the MH17-meeting. Before publishing, NRC had let him read the article. Klein then told the reporter he only wanted to be quoted if his critical remarks about the paper’s narrative were not to be left out.” The NRC-reporter did not agree, and Klein wasn’t quoted at all. “Life-threatening group-think”, Klein criticised the editorial policy of NRC to “ban critical remarks from their columns”, to “leave out relevant sidenotes” and to refuse “op-eds of people who had witnessed the meeting”.

    Chief-editor Hans Laroes of KRO-NCRV tweeted: “I think NRC is heading towards an internal crisis because of this Omtzigt-story.”

    This year NRC started compiling a file about Russian influences in The Netherlands. Yours truly asked Wilmer Heck, one of the contributors to the file and one of the two writers of the hit piece on Omtzigt, why he didn’t write a set of articles about the American influences in The Netherlands. Heck then replied: “Is there anyone denying the long arm of Uncle Sam in The Netherlands? Not me. It’s not for nothing we’re in NATO with the US. It doesn’t seem like a secret to me.”

    De Telegraaf reported that minister-counsellor Boris Zhilko of the Russian embassy in The Hague has called upon minister Kajsa Ollongren to prove Russia is disseminating fake news in The Netherlands. “We are craving evidence”. He furthermore mentioned the fact that Ollongren holds two passports, a Dutch one and Swedish one. “In Russia, it’s impossible for those who hold office under the government.”

    NRC has not yet rectified or made any excuse.

    Pieter Omtzigt’s party leader Sybrand Buma has not yet excused himself for getting Omtzigt removed from the MH17- case. Nor has he put him back on the case. Instead Buma has developed himself as the main ‘Russian fake news’ alarmist in the Dutch parliament.


  2. Dat met Rutte het einde van de Nederlandse rechtstaat in gang gezet wordt is over meer duidelijk, zelfs Wilders klaagt hem aan en dan moet het wel gek wezen?


  3. Niets was te dol in ’t Oranje wingewest. Nergens is de relatie zo slecht tussen ex moederland en kolonie als die tussen NL en Indonesië.Dat moet samenhangen met hoe NL er heeft huisgehouden. Hebben GB, F, E en P geheel anders aangepakt. Daar is ’t Engels, Frans, Spaans en Portugees behouden. In Indonesië beschouwde men NLs als de taal v/d bezetter. Interesseerde de Oranje’s geen moer. Ging hen uitsluitend om de poen.


  4. Dat de industrie op kosten van de staat de boel loopt te vervuilen is gewoon weg niet door de burger te accepteren? Tenslotte is die vervuiling in Nigeria al langer een zwaar vergrijp?


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