President Donald Trump

Braking News: Trump:”Go out and Vote for ‘Pedo-Rapist-Roy Moore’, Hallelujah!”

(van onze Internationale US Elite-Pedo-Gangster redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Mad Dog-Trump'(Video) is today on ‘Crazy- Campaign- trail’ to support the Republican ‘Christian’-Insane(video)-Alabama-Pedophile-Rapist Moore. Moore: “The best White- family- Christian-Time(KKK) in the US was the Slave- Time“. Trump is going afther his support for The Rapist Pedophile and Slavery sympathizer ‘Insane-Moore’ to shit on the opening of the Civil rights museum in Mississippi. Rep. John Lewis Refuses to Attend Civil Rights Museum Opening With President Trump in Attendance.


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