President Donald Trump

Sacred Christian Site in Jerusalem Refuse Entry to Insane Pence, Segers& Van der Staaij.

(van onze Internationale Isane ‘US&NL- Christelijke -Elite-Pedo-Gangster’ redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Pedo-Moore’& ‘Sexual- Predator Trump’ krijgen schop onder hun perverse hol van Alabama.Segers en Van der Staaij verdrietig(Video) .
Adeep Joudeh, the custodian of the church:“I absolutely refuse to officially welcome the American Vice President Mr. Mike Pence and  the two Dutch Fake-Christians Segers en Kees van der Staay at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and I will not be physically in church during his visit.”

Trump erkenning van Jeruzalem Hoofdstad Israël: twee doden en 2000 gewonden(Video).
Insane Vice President Mike Pence,  and the two corrupt Dutch Lawmakers Segers and Van der Staaij will not be permitted to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem when he visits the Middle East next month, as a result of the ‘Mad dog Trump administration’s’ decision to recognize the city as Israel’s capitol, according to the man who holds the keys to the building.“I absolutely refuse to officially welcome the corrupt American Vice President Mr. Mike Pence, Segers and Van der Staaij at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and I will not be physically in church during his visit,” wrote Adeep Joudeh, the custodian of the church—one of the world’s most sacred Christian sites—in a letter to Israel’s Channel 2 News on Wednesday. “This is an expression of my condemnation of the ‘Sexual -Predator President Donald Trump’s’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and endrosing the Child -Molester Rooy Moore.” ‘Mad Dog Trump’s’ decision, announced last week, set off protests not just in Gaza and the West Bank, where Palestinians view East Jerusalem as their future capitol city, but throughout the Middle East. Demonstrators in Turkey declared that the Israeli occupation of land that Palestinians view as theirs is a fundamental issue for all Muslims.

Braking News: Trump:”Go out and Vote for ‘Pedo-Rapist-Roy Moore’, Hallelujah!”(Video)
Joudeh is not the only Christian in the region to denounce Trump’s move. Egypt’s Coptic Christian Church has also said it would not meet with the Devils Pence, Segers and Kees van der Staaij citing  Trump and his East-block Whore Melania‘ not to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to the city. Opponents warned him not to inflame tensions by appearing to side with Israel over the status of the city after decades of U.S. policy that urged peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians to resolve their conflict.The action, the churches said would “yield increased hatred, conflict, violence, and suffering in Jerusalem and the Holy Land…and cause irreparable harm.”Since the announcement, several Trump administration officials have told the Washington Post that Trump didn’t have a full understanding of the implications of moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Godsdienstwaanzinnige Segers en Van der Staaij&‘Uber-Reactionairen’ in Tweede Kamer achter Trump:Jerusalem Hoofdstad Israël(Video).
On social media, Trump critics reacted to the news of the key-holder at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and other religious groups in the region snubbing the evangelical Insane Christian vice president, Segers and Van der Staaij , as well as the ‘Mad Dog- Trump administration’s’ general lack of understanding of the region.

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  1. Pence beroept zich op de Bijbel in diens felle veroordeling van homosexualiteit. Dat hij de running mate is van iemand die zwaar tegen de Bijbel zondigt (3x getrouwd, echtbreker, ontucht (“pussy grabber”) deert Pence geen zak. Gebruiken religie wanneer ’t hen uitkomt. Laten de Yanks uit ’t M-O wegblijven. Hebben ze al 1/2 plat gegooid. Nu de andere 1/2 nog?


  2. LS…

    Sodom en Gomorra zijn door atoombommen vernietigd en wel zodanig dat er archeologisch geen sporen meer van zijn te vinden. Zouden ze ook met Jeruzalem moeten doen zodat ook alles wordt vernietigd dat met de eeuwig durende terreur van religie te maken heeft !


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