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China on ‘Mad Dog-Trump’s’ Strategy: Drop the ‘Cold War Mentality’.Trump’s Taks Plan Ultra-Rich First!

(By Kate Seammons and ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Trump’s Taks Plan Ultra-Rich First: 80 percent of the benefit of the Tax plan will go to the top 1 percent. Rutte heeft Trump al gefeliciteerd(Video).
In unveiling a new Elite-US –Deep State-national security strategy Monday, President ‘Mad Dog Trump’&‘Eats Block Whore Melania’ called out China and Russia as “attempting to erode American-Elite security and the prosperity of the one percent,” and he outlined myriad ways—weapons development, intellectual property theft, dumping money into the developing world—in which he sees them doing that, by the State BBC. The two responded by expressing their displeasure. “We urge the Elite from the ‘US- Shadow World‘ with there Puppet ‘Mad Dog Trump’ to stop deliberately distorting China’s strategic intentions and abandon a Cold War mentality,” said a Foreign Ministry rep. “Otherwise it will injure others and damage itself.” The Chinese Embassy in Washington chimed in with this: “It is selfish to put your national interest above other countries’ interest and the mutual interest of the international community. The United States should also adapt and accept China’s development.

Corrupt Pentagon’ from’ Mad Dog Trump’ “Made Secret Deal with ISIS” to “Battle Assad in Syria(Video)


House Approves $700 Billion for Weapons Companies en Rutte doet ook mee .No money for Hungry Children& Homeless(Video).
A rep for ‘Capo di tutti capi  Putin’ did highlight a shared interest in cooperation “in areas which are beneficial for us” but said the document had a “clearly imperial nature” and remained fixated on the idea of a “unipolar world,” reports ABC News. The AP notes ‘Mad Dog Trump’ didn’t just take a swing at China, but poked it, too, by reiterating ties with Taiwan. The document also promised to “re-energize our alliances” with Southeast extremely corrupt Asian governments like those in the Philippines and Vietnam, which have gone head-to-head with China over claims to parts of the South China Sea.

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