‘Psychopath Mattis’ a General of “The Shadow World”: ‘War Is Not Over in Iraq and Syria’.

(by Jason Ditz en ondersteunt door onze redactie )

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Rand Paul challenges ‘Barbaroso-Esso-Tillerson’ and ‘Serial Killer-Mattis’ to end “open-ended war”(Video).
Declarations of victory over ISIS by both Iraq and Syria, along with Russia, are not having an impact on ‘US-EU-(NATO)-Elite‘ military policy in the region, according toDefense Secretary Psychopaat James Mattis a Top General of “the Shadow World“, who insisted on Friday that “the war is not over.”

US- Puppet’ President Poroshenko shakes hands with his Boss US Secretary of Defense ‘Killer-Mattis’.
Which isn’t to say that the ‘US-Killier-Elite’ is determined to keep fighting a war against ISIS, as such, but rather that there’s definitely going to be a war against somebody in those countries. Mattis in particular has been keen to talk up the idea of an “ISIS 2.0” emerging in areas ISIS has been expelled from.

Trump, From Crazy, Pervert ‘TV Soap- Star’ to Mass Murderer in One Short Year. America-(Ultra Rich)-First(Video) !

‘War-Psychopath Mattis’ comments are very interesting in the context of other Pentagon statements, which have insisted that US troops would stay in Iraq and Syria long after the ISIS war has ended. This had long been assumed to be just a quiet, permanent garrisoning of the two countries, particularly controversial in Syria since they don’t welcome a US military presence.

War Coming’: Top ‘US-SS-General’ form “the Shadow World” Warns Soldiers in Europe to Expect ‘Big-Ass Fight’(Video).
Instead, ‘Psychopath Mattis’ seems to be presenting this as not just an open-ended deployment, but an open-ended war against an ever-changing collection of enemies. In Syria in particular, this is likely to mean a shift away from Islamist rebels and toward pro-government militias. In Iraq, the continuation of the war is likely to be very much like the last ‘US-Killier-Elite’ occupation of Iraq, fighting with any and all forces that are aligned in opposition to the Iraqi government, or against the occupation itself.

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  2. De olievelden zijn nog niet 100% veilig gesteld voor de Yanks. Zolang dat niet is geschied, gaat de oorlog gewoon door. Onmisbare delfstoffen in Afghanistan, olie in Syrië en Irak; nu nog de gas- en oliereserves in Iran (Perzië). Pas daarna houdt Mattis z’n waffel.


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