President Donald Trump

‘Fake-Democrats’ and ‘KKK-Republicans’ Just Teamed Up to Pass a Deep State Bill

(by Jake Anderson en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Deep State,‘Mass Murder-Mad Dog Trump’& ‘Serial Killer& Drug dealing CIA’(Video).  Domme Trump lijdt net als Dictators Stalin,Mao en Hitler aan Grootheidswaanzin(Video) en noemt net als hun zich zelf een Genie.
Both mainstream corrupt political parties introduce their fair share draconian legislation, but in the current bipartisan climate they rarely agree on large issues. Whenever there is agreement between the two corrupt parties, you can take it to the bank that it’s something particularly nefarious. Remarkably or not, the two issues the ‘Fake-Democrats’ and ‘KKK-Republicans’(Video) have consistently agreed on so far in the 21st century is military( War Crimes) intervention and surveillance(Big Brother is watching You).Last week, the corrupt House pushed through a six-year extension of the controversial Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; this week, the corrupt Senate followed suit. This provision ensures that under the direction of Attorney General Big Brother Jeff Sessions( and little Dutch AIVD-Boss ‘Big Brother Bertholee’(Video)) and his Puppet President ‘Mad dog Trump’, federal law enforcement agencies can arguably eavesdrop on virtually any American with impunity.While the ‘KKK-Republicans’ control both branches of the corrupt Congress — and the ‘Crazy-White House’ — the extension would not have been possible without a sizeable corrupt faction of the ‘Fake-Democratic Party’, led by House Minority Leader extremely corrupt Billionaire Nancy Pelosi and Representative Psycho Adam Schiff, voting to hand over dangerously autocratic surveillance powers to the Rapist and Mad Dog- Trump. Without this group of psychopathic House Democrats siding with the War Criminals Bush/Cheney era law, it would not have passed by a vote of 256-164. The vote followed the defeat of an amendment that would have introduced safeguards on the government’s ability to conduct warrantless wiretapping on foreign nationals while on foreign soil, which some have argued allows dangerous agencies like the FBI and NSA a carte blanche for collecting surveillance on domestic communications. Pelosi and Schiff, who have spent the last year insisting Trump is a dangerous tyrant whose very existence threatens the fabric of our democracy, helped defeat the amendment, which would have restricted his power and paved the way for a Section 702 extension.

Genie Trump’ as a Mad-Dog: ‘Schwarze’ from ‘Black-Shitholes’ not welcome. Ariërs from Norwegian Ok(Video)!


 ‘Mad Dog Trump’ totally out of Control: Bombing every Thirth World country is now going for Bombing US Citizens(Video).

Corrupt Major power brokers of the so-called Resistance entrusted Mad Dog-Trump with the legal authority to spy on women, minorities, immigrants, journalists, activists, and political enemies — whomever he wants. It was a rare moment of chipper cordiality between bitter political enemies, with Majority Leader extreme corrupt ‘KKK- Paul Ryan’ even personally thanking the Labor traitors Pelosi for her magnanimous support.On Thursday, the Senate voted for the extension by a vote of 65-34 following a filibuster that was defeated on Tuesday. Corrupt Senator Jeff Flake, who has been vocally critical of the president and even compered him to Stalin ,nonetheless voted in favor of granting him near dictatorial judicial powers. Now the bill goes to Trump’s desk for final approval. Trump, who has in the past indirectly criticized FISA courts and the ability of “Deep State” operatives from the NSA and other agencies to wiretap without a warrant, predictably reversed course on the issue. Only a year removed from his own alleged wiretapping experience with being surveilled by the ‘TTIP-Obama-War Criminal-Administration‘ while in the ‘Crazy-Trump tower’, the President  the Puppet of “the Shadow World” had a chance to issue a resounding defeat to the entrenched swamp of intelligence agencies. Momentarily, it looked as though he might manufacture a truly insurgent political move.

What ‘Mad Dog Trump’ Is doing in Ukraine Proves the Mainstream Media doesn’t know Sh*t. Or do they now?(Video).

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