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#Singaporesummit CNN: Trump and Kim ‘Meeting as equals’ psychopaths and that is incredible and horrific.

( from our ‘US-Killer-Elite’ redeactie)


Just as ‘Dumb Trump’ sits down with Kim Jong-un ‘Empire Xi Jinping’ Stole 614GB Of Missile Secrets. A couple day’s ago Trump stated by his Trade adviser the ‘SS-er Savage’ that the Canadian Premier Trudea belongs in the worst place of Hell (Video) and treating the G6 ‘Leaders’ as his Crack Whores(Video) and now he is calling Kim his equal and biggest Friend. Trump spoke first. “I feel really great, we’re about to have a great discussion,” Trump said. “I think it will be tremendously successful, and it’s my honor and we will have a terrific relationship. I have no doubt.” Not a word about that not so long ago his best friend Kim send an American student beat completely half to dead and died shortly after arriving in the USA in a hospital. At that time psychopath was in his little Rocket-man period and couldn’t get enough dragging the poor parents of Otto Warmbier in the Pulp Fox media how bad Kim was.

Massamoordenaars ‘Mad Dog Trump’ en ‘Super -Mad Dog Kim Jong-un’ gaan voor de ‘Nobel-Showbizz Riool-Prijs’(Video).
‘Mad Dog–Pimp Trump’ hails ‘excellent relationship’ with ‘Mass-murder Kim’ with his Auschwitz concentrations camps and his in slaved people, turning historic corner. Even psychopath Kim seemed to acknowledge the Hitler( Trump) and Pot Po(Kim) meeting surreality of the day.“Many people in the world will think of this as a (inaudible) form of fantasy … from a science fiction movie,” his translator was overheard saying as the two ‘Mad Dog leaders’ walked down a white-columned colonnade. Earlier, Trump patted Kim on the back and placed his hand on the North Korean’s shoulder as they walked into their meeting.“I feel really great. We’ll have a great discussion( ass psychopaths ),” Trump said at the beginning of the talks. “This will be tremendously successful,” he continued. “We will have a terrific relationship( which Hilter never had with an American.

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  1. President Donald J. Trump was during his press conference immediately following the signing of documents and agreements, requiring confirmation of all steps along the process towards the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, surprisingly mild towards journalists of the American Establishment media, in contract to his previous encounters of media outlets like Newsweek, Bloomberg, CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC . Why could that be ? No doubt did Trump realize that his efforts and achievements were of a out of the ordinary category, only displayed once in a lifetime. The leftist liberals themselves know very well that they’d been witness to the start of the shutting down of global Communism, initiated by that very country which had suffered from it the most in recent times. Knowing the real backgrounds of the Liberal Left present, Trump must have known that the nerve wires of these Bolshevist Communists in disguise already had endured too much strain over the past 27 hours without a break. Accusing them of fake news could have resulted in the final snapping of nerve fibers, as them woodwankers were in the process of realizing that their global Bolshevist world empire had been taken down by `a total nut-case and fruitcake’.



      Pedophiles Down Under by Fiona Barnett
      I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy ‘the Reverend’ Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records, because I was sex trafficked to both men as a young child.

      Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating) International Tribunal for Natural Justice

      “The mainstream media has long documented the CIA’s involvement in drugs and weapons trafficking, right?”
      “Well then, is it so hard to imagine they are also involved in trafficking children – which is far more lucrative than guns and drugs? ASIO and the CIA work together to traffic children between Australia and America. They’re the ones who trafficked me.”

      Recovery from extreme abuse begins with realising the true nature and extent of international child trafficking. In 2015, a certain journalist wrote favourable articles about me concerning my Sydney press conference. I subsequently phoned and asked him to investigate and publish my full story. If only one mainstream journalist published my testimony against Antony Kidman (father Nicole Kidman), I reasoned, it would blow the international child trafficking network wide open: Lees meer: https://pedophilesdownunder.com/2018/06/08/watergate-was-pedogate/


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