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‘Psycho King Ahmed Al Sudairi’ Issues Pardon for Every War Crime Soldiers Have Done in Yemen.

(by Jason Ditz en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Genocide in Yemen door Saudische vrienden van ‘Mad Dog Trump’ en ‘Taxfree-Shell- King Willem’ geen nieuws voor MSM(Video).
On Tuesday ‘Psycho- Mass Killing-King Ahmed Al Sudairi   the best Weapon customer from ‘Mad Dog Trump  announced that it is issuing a royal pardon for any and all Saudi troops engaged in the war in Yemen, covering all War-crimes related to violating military rules and discipline. They said this is to show appreciation for the “heroics” of the invading forces.

The illegal Saudi invasion of Yemen has been widely controversial internationally. Saudi airstrikes have killed massive numbers of Yemeni civilians, and the war has also caused a famine, and the largest cholera epidemic in human history.Faced with UN criticism, Saudi officials heavily resisted allegations of wrongdoing, and ultimately got the UN to agree that Saudi Arabia would be allowed to investigate its own forces, and police themselves. This pardon shows none of that is going to matter.

US &UK-Killer-Elite’ Backed Coalition Bombs Wedding in Yemen, Dozens Killed Including Bride(video).

It is unclear what prompted the pardon to be offered no, as the war shows no sign of ending, and there is no suggestion from official reports that the Saudis had punished any of their by ‘US-Killer Elite’  and ‘British-Killer-Elite’ supported troops more than nominally for war crimes in the first place.

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