‘Mad Dog Trump’ preparing to Bomb Iran Next Month. Blok:” het is genetisch bepaald”.

(Written by Tyler Durden en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Patronen van Bedrog en uitbuiting en moorden door de ‘Killer-Elite’:‘Pas op voor Poetin’. En niets is wat het lijkt!(Video).
Trump to Iran:” Lets make my ‘Extortion-Mafia-deal’ or I and Israel  Bom You Crazy!” As the ‘Crazy-White House’ convenes a policy meeting on Iran Thursday involving extremely corrupt senior Pentagon officials and ‘Psycho- cabinet- advisers’ under national security adviser War Mongul and very dangerous psychopath John Bolton, and after a week of intense saber-rattling by reborn-‘Christian” President Mad Dog Trump and his Iranian counterpart Islam Mad Dog- Hassan Rouhani, a new bombshell report by Australia’s ABC says the ‘Crazy White House’ is drawing up plans to strike Iran’s alleged nuclear facilities as early as next month.” Witch is a War Crime!

Ontslagen FBI-directeur Comey: Westerse Wereldleider Trump is Maffiabaas en Kruisengrijper(Video) & America’s Worst Nightmare: ‘Fox-News Super-Mad Dog-Killer-Bolton(Video)’.
“Senior figures in the Australia’s Turnbull government have told the ABC they believe the US-Killer-Elite is prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear capability. The bombing could be as early as next month.”Crucially, Australia is part of the so-called “Five Big Brohter-Eyes” global intelligence partners which includes the US, UK, Australia, Canada Killer-Elite and New Zealand Killer-Elite,and plays in a key role in hosting top-secret facilities that guide American spy satellites.

American Dream’ is Nightmare geworden door ‘Oorlogsmisdadiger Obama’ en ‘Mad Dog Trump’(Video).

According to the breaking report,ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has learned the following based on statements of key senior defense and intelligence Murders officials:“Senior Government figures have told the ABC they believe the Trump administration is prepared to bomb Iran
“They say Australian defence facilities would likely play a role in identifying possible targets
“But another senior source, in security, emphasizes there is a difference between providing intelligence and ‘active targeting’”

The report cites high level Aussie government corrupt officials who say that secretive Australian defense and intelligence facilities would likely cooperate with the US and Britain Killer-Elite in identifying targets in a strike on Iran.One particular facility, the Pine Gap joint defense facility in the NorthernTerritory, would play a significant targeting role in joint US-Killer-Elite-led strikes on Iran. According to the report, it’s “considered crucial among the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence partners… for its role in directing American spy satellites.”

And further, other Murders agencies are expected to play a role:
“Analysts from the little-known Big Brother spy agency Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organization would also be expected to play a part
“Senior Government figures have told the ABC they believe the Trump administration is prepared to bomb Iran
“They say Australian defence facilities would likely play a role in identifying possible targets
“But another senior source, in security, emphasizes there is a difference between providing intelligence and ‘active targeting’”

The report cites high-level Aussie government officials who say that secretive Australian defense and intelligence facilities would likely cooperate with the United States and Britain in identifying targets in a strike on Iran.One particular facility, the Pine Gap joint defense facility in the Northern Territory, would play a significant targeting role in joint US-led strikes on Iran. According to the report, it’s “considered crucial among the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence partners… for its role in directing American spy satellites.”And further, other agencies are expected to play a role:“Analysts from the little-known spy agency Australian Geospatial-Intelligence-Big Brohter- Organization would also be expected to play a  criminal part.“Canada who ‘Mad Dog Trump’ call a enemy and there Prime Minister Trudea a Coward would be unlikely to play a role in any War Crime military action in Iran, nor would the smallest Five Eyes security partner New Zealand, sources said.”However, though officials speaking to ABC on condition of anonymity say intelligence plans for targeting suspected Iran nuke sites have begun, Australia’s foreign ministry is still seeking to avoid war through intense diplomatic efforts.“Australia is urging Iran and not to Trump to be a force for peace and stability in the region,” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told ABC’s AM program on Thursday. The report comes after President Mad Dog Trump’s all caps twitter tirade on Sunday which warned Iran to


De VVD Minster ‘Aasgier&Racist Blok’ heeft namens de Nederlandse regering ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte’ verklaart Trump zijn plannen om weer een land te gaan bomaderen te steunen. Blok:” Het Leiderschap van de Westerse Wereld en dat de massa en de US en NL in armoede moet overleven is gewoon genetisch bepaald(Video)“.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Iranian elite Quds Force cautioned Trump, should he resort to military action, saying on Thursday that “war will destroy everything you own.” He also warned the US against further public outbursts against Iran’s leadership and its people.US-Iranian relations has been on a downward spiral since the US leader put into action his longstanding threat to withdraw from the landmark Iran nuclear deal in May, citing its supposed flaws and Iran’s malign activities. However, the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Tehran had not been violating the agreement.The European signatories of the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), were reluctant to comply with Trump’s calls to rip it apart. On the contrary, they vowed to maintain it – even without Washington’s participation – and hold additional talks with Tehran. America’s withdrawal was also condemned by Russia and China, which are also signatories of the JCPOA.

Head of the Russian Upper House Committee for International Relations Senator Konstantin Kosachev warned that the world may face a crisis worse than that seen on the Korean peninsula if world powers sit idle in the wake of Trump’s decision.

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  1. Vandaag of morgen zal er in Europa weer een terroristische aanslag plaatsvinden en wederom zal men zich dan afvragen wie de daders zijn en door zij werden aangestuurd. De CIA zit achter dit soort aanslagen en die zijn bedoeld om Europa in de chaos te storten.


  2. Twitter Shares Crash 17% After Users Drop, Company Warns More Declines Expected
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    “SEC May Want To Take A Look”: Facebook Insiders Dumped $4.1 Billion Weeks Ahead Of Record Crash
    by Tyler Durden Thu, 07/26/2018 – 16:35


  3. National Security: Mueller, several team members gave up million-dollar jobs to work on special counsel investigation By Matt Zapotosky August 8, 2017 https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/mueller-several-team-members-gave-up-million-dollar-jobs-to-work-on-special-counsel-investigation/2017/08/08/e11169da-7b78-11e7-83c7-5bd5460f0d7e_story.html “Robert S. Mueller III left a $3.4 million partner job in the white-shoe law firm WilmerHale, where he worked for clients such as Facebook, Apple, Sony and the NFL, to serve as the special counsel overseeing the law enforcement investigation into whether the Kremlin and the Trump campaign coordinated to impact the 2016 election, according to documents released Tuesday. Mueller’s public financial disclosure — along with those of seven members of his team — was released after a request from The Washington Post. The document offers a glimpse into whom the special counsel and the lawyers he has hired have worked for and where they have made and invested their money. [ … ]”
    NEW EVIDENCE: Mueller Linked To Russian Deals That ‘Undermined National Security’ Published 9 months ago on Oct 29, 2017 By Patrick Howley https://bigleaguepolitics.com/new-evidence-mueller-linked-russian-deals-undermined-national-security/ “[ … ] The Barack Obama appointee who was integral in approving both deals came to the administration from Robert Mueller’s law firm WilmerHale. Big League Politics reported: The Obama administration placed Aimen Nabi Mir, former two-time president of the youth wing of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), into the top advisory position to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a national security post at the Treasury Department.[ … ]“
    The Real Russia Story: Port Canaveral “Project Pelican” and Uranium One deals connected through the Jafars March 2, 2018 Center for Security Policy by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2018/03/02/the-real-russia-story-port-canaveral-project-pelican-and-uranium-one-deals-connected-through-the-jafars/ “[ … ] Hamid Jafar and his brother and business partner, rogue Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, were both deeply involved in Saddam Hussein’s massive top-secret uranium enrichment and nuclear weapons programs. The Pentagon placed Dr. Jafar on CENTCOM’s “Blacklist” in 2003, designated Jafar as a senior Saddam regime official enemy combatant who was wanted for capture and could be legitimately targeted by U.S. and coalition military forces [ … ]”


  4. Mueller & Holder Shut Down FBI Investigation of Stolen U.S. Stealth Defense Technology Implicating Lockheed Martin, While Comey Was Lockheed’s Top Lawyer
    Posted on July 24, 2018 by Investigative Bureau
    “[ … ]
    on the eve before the case was go to a Grand Jury, the case was closed by then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and then-Attorney General Eric Holder. “This was the original pay-to-play scheme and it involves Mueller, Holder, (James) Comey and (Hillary) Clinton,” said Steve Morton, inventor and owner of a rare robotic ship and submarine stealth painting technology that can help make the U.S. Navy’s fleet invisible on radar and sonar. “They allowed my technology to be stolen by European companies partnered with Lockheed Martin and Comey was the top lawyer for Lockheed. [ … ] He [Morton] worked as the FBI’s undercover informant on the case for almost four years, wearing a wire. Recording phone calls. Gathering evidence against Fincantieri, the massive Italian shipbuilder who the FBI had all but proven swiped Morton’s Stealth painting technology as well as his company’s computer files. Comey had left the Justice Department in 2005 to become Lockheed Martin’s top lawyer until 2010, the exact time frame his client was under investigation along with its Italian shipbuilding partner. [ … ] Morton and high-ranking FBI sources said Mueller had received pressure from Comey, Lockheed’s high-priced general counsel to squash the case. And then suddenly almost four years of FBI case work spiraled down the drain. Mueller and Holder shut the entire case down. [ … ] In 2011, then-Congressman Allen West got involved, trying to nail down why the FBI walked away from a case it had built for almost three years. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation was investigating this case, (DOJ case number 288A-MM-109951) before Attorney General Eric Holder asked them to end the investigation,” West wrote to House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa. “I am not sure why the Department of Justice would back off a case regarding the theft of US defense technology.” The correspondences that ensued between the Congressman prompted Issa to jump on the case which set off a a rash of FBI and DOJ lies that stretched from Florida to Washington D.C. to Italy and beyond. [ … ]“


  5. ps…



  6. Groupie Jinek aan tafel met elite serieverkrachter Bill Clinton, maar pas op voor de motorclubs: http://www.mediacourant.nl/2018/07/bill-clinton-vanavond-te-gast-bij-eva-jinek/

    Pedo burgervader Onno Hoes waarschuwt Soundos El Ahmadi voor motorclubs: https://www.npostart.nl/jinek/26-07-2018/KN_1700235

    Chapeau er gaat niets boven gezellig een vorkje prikken met gelijkgestemden

    Zie foto’s: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5976133/PICTURED-Hillary-Clinton-having-dinner-Harvey-Weinstein-election-loss.html


  7. Politici vanuit Universiteitsbankjes, zonder levenservaring zo de Politiek in, “Recept v Catastrofe”

    Karel van Wolferen uit de tijd dat kranten nog kranten waren i.p.v. propaganda outlets

    These days, reading The New York Times and other Khazarian mafia corporate propaganda is like reading Pravda just before the fall of the Soviet Union. Nobody believes their lies. Yet even they are being forced to report that the Soviet Socialist European Union is in deep trouble. That’s because U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed their common enemy is the Khazarian mafia. They are acting on this in many ways, as we shall see below.

    We will return to that, but first, let’s look at two recent opinion polls that show the Khazarian mafia has lost control in the U.S. The first is an Axios poll that shows 92% of Republicans and 72% of Americans overall believe that “traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.” Lees meer: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2018/07/26/full-article-benjamin-fulford-7-23-18-khazarian-mafia-doomed-as-a-result-of-putin-trump-secret-agreement/


    • LS…

      Amerika het land van gedegenereerde criminelen ooit losgelaten uit de Britse gevangenissen om de koloniën te bevolken en sinds die tijd geterroriseerd door de Ashkenazi Khazaren Maffia die de jonge mannen van toen en vandaag tot gemutileerd kanonnen voer gebruikt om Satan te dienen…



  8. De hoogste leider van Iran Ali Khamenei is enthousiast over het plan van de Iraanse centrale bank om alle transacties in dollars voortaan in euro’s af te rekenen. Dat zou betekenen dat bedrijven in het land geen dollarrekening meer aan hoeven te houden om zaken te doen met het buitenland. Ook kan de centrale bank dan haar valutareserves omzetten van de Amerikaanse naar de Europese valuta.
    De voortdurende Amerikaanse sancties en de beschikbaarheid van een alternatieve handelsmunt als de euro is voor Iran reden om de overstap te maken. Eerder kondigde het land al aan olie in euro’s te verhandelen, maar nu wil ze bedrijven ook aansporen om alle transacties met het buitenland in de Europese munt of in de eigen valuta af te rekenen.


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