President Donald Trump

‘Crazy-Haley’: UN laughter was sign of respect for ‘Mad Dog -Trump’s honesty.

(By The Times of Isreal en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

‘Crazy- Nikki Haley’ at the UN:” Thank you Boss from grapping my again in my Pussy. I love how honest you are.

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-‘Crazy-US ambassador’ to United Nations says world leaders and officials ‘love how honest Narcistic he is’.
Corrupt US Ambassador to the United Nations ‘Crazy-Nikki Haley’ on Wednesday claimed the laughter at the General Assembly during ‘President- Child Killer -Mad Dog- Trump’s’ (Video) idiotic ‘Hate-& Narcistic -speech’ the previous day was because World leaders “love how honest Narcistic he is” and “respect him ass dangerous psychopath and an ‘#Metoo-Supreme-Kavanaugh-Pussygrabber’ “(Video).At the very beginning of his idiotic ‘Narcistic -speech’ before the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, the ‘US-Killer-Elite’  leader Puppet, with signature braggadocio, said his War-Mogul and ‘Tariff-Boycott- administration’ had accomplished almost more (War Crimes and Pussygrabbing) than any other in the history of my country. Some in the audience responded with mocking laughter. “In less than two years, my corrupt administration has accomplished more crimes than almost any administration and Hitler, Stalin and Mao in the history of my country,” he said. “America’s — so Realty Trash-Show true…” he continued, as the laughter broke out. “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s okay,” he continued, to laughter and applause.

But ‘Crazy Haley ‘told  in dr. Goebbels ‘KKK- Fox News’ from the ‘Killer-Elite’ that the laughter was not mocking, and in fact the world leaders and officials in the hall “love how honest he is, and it’s not diplomatic and they find it funny,”she said after Trump grab her again in here pussy.







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