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Corrupt ‘War Mongul Blair’ refuses to cancel lucrative deal with ‘Mass-Killer-Crown Prince Salman’.

(Written by Middle East Monitor en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- One Civilian Violently Killed Every Three Hours in Yemen.War Mongul-Blair’ Receiving $12 Million bribery from the ‘Psychopath Royal-Killer-Crown Prince Salman’(Video).
Corrupt ‘War-Mogul-Tony Blair’ has resisted calls to end his multi-million dollar deal with the Saudi Arabia regime despite allegations that the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi beening authorized by the ‘Mass-Killer Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman’ and that he is Mass Killing in Yemen.Accounts published last month by the Tony Blair Institute confirmed that ‘Snake in Suit-Blair’ had received ‘donations'( bribery) of up to $12 million from the Kingdom Dictatorship for a deal with the ‘Killer-Crown Prince Salman’ to support his ‘Fake-modernization program’ for the Kingdom Dictatorship.The agreement was said to be the first major deal to have emerged involving the extreme corrupt ‘War-Mongul& White-Fraude-wash-Tony Blair-Institute’, which ‘Snake in Suit-Blair’ established in 2016 after winding down his corrupt commercial operations.

‘Money-Vampire Bush’: Thank you my dear ‘Boy-Tony’ for helping me Killing millions of innocent Iraq people and Children for the Oil.

While there had calls for ‘Snake in Suit- Blair’ to end his Blood-arrangement with Mohammed Bin Salman over the ongoing war in Yemen, the killing of the Washington Post journalist earlier this month in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, has put further pressure on the former prime minister to cut all ties with Riyadh.’Snake in Suit-Blair’s’ insistence on maintaining his financial Blood-ties to the ‘Mass Killing-Saudi government’ makes him “complicit” in crimes committed by the corrupt ‘Dictator-Mass-Killer Salman'(Video),  Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, Lloyd Russell Moyle, told Business Insider. Moyle was responding to Blair’s refusal earlier in the month to terminate his business relations with ‘Mass-Killer Salman’ saying that the ‘Dictator-kingdom’ had “issued a very strong denial” of their responsibility.

The issue over whether Blair would continue to work with the Saudi regime of the Mass-Killer Salman following the Kingdoms stppjese  Dictator’s admission that Khashoggi had been killed by agents thought to be close to MBS, was raised once again. A spokesperson for the corrupt ‘War-Mongul-Blair -institute’ told Business Insider: “We have nothing further to add to what Mr. Blair has said previously and we as Snake’s in Suits just like Trump, Macron , May and Rutte Like ‘Blood- money’ ”.

Volkskrant en EU pschychopaat Junckers trots dat ‘Mega-Oorlog’s Misdadiger Blair’ weer terug is(Video).
‘Snake- in Suit Blair’ had expressed concern for the Show over Khashoggi when news of his disappearance broke earlier this month. He said to Reuters “this issue [the killing of Khashoggi] has to be resolved because otherwise it runs completely contrary to that process of modernization”(kuch, kuch).A source close to Tony Blair is said to be “following events closely an we could care les about the Mass Killing in Yemen and the Beheading of criticel people in Saudi Arabia” in the country.In contrast to ‘Snake in Suit-Blair’, the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for corrupt Western leaders ‘Mad Dog Trump’, ‘Boy Macron’, and ‘Liar May’ and there ‘Little Dutch- Gaylord Rutte’ to cut ties with Saudi Arabia in response to Khashoggi’s killing en the Mass Killing in Yemen.“The issues that have come to light of the death in Istanbul of a Saudi national who was visiting the embassy call into question the close relationship with Saudi Arabia of so many Western countries,” Corbyn told CNN.

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths as Blair Go to WorkHandelsmissie ‘PLO-D66-Minsier Kaag-Anis al-Qaq’ naar ‘Massamoordenaar-Crown Prince Salman’ afgezegd(Video).
Despite being members of the same party, Corbyn and ‘Snake in Suit-Blair’ are bitter rivals. The current leader has expressed his desire to put Blair on trial for the ‘War-crimes’ he had made over the  ‘Money-Vampire-Bush-Oil-war’ in Iraq. On the issue of his ongoing ‘Blood-deal’ with ‘Killer-Crown Prince Salam’ one of Corbyn’s allies described Blair’s reluctance to cut his ties to the regime as “absolutely immoral and criminal ” and made him “complicit in war crimes”committed by Crown Prince Salman, Trump, Macron and May in Yemen.
If Mr.- Snake in Suit-Blair doesn’t see the light and continues to accept Blood-money from the ‘Mass- Killer Prince Salma’ then I think his moral integrity is in ruins and a real psychopath,” Lloyd Russell Moyle, the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, told BI.

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