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The Dictatorship Time’s of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler are back wit Trump,Salman and Bolsonaro

(By Ann Wrigt and Common Dreams en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Nation hypnotized in horror by Toy Bombs while ‘Mad Dog Trump’ is killing civilians & childeren with real bombs(Video).‘US-Killer-Elite’with ‘Puppet-Mad Dog-Child-Killer-Trump’ Continues to Support the Bloody Dictatorship of ‘Mass Killer-Crown Prince-Salman’ of Saudi Arabia(Video).

Far More Dangerous Than ‘Mad Dog-Childe Killer- Trump :’ Super- Mad Dog-Killer&Racist-Jair Bolsonaro’ Wins Brazil’s Presidency.
‘Super- Mad-dog-Killer- racist-Jair Bolsonaro’ was elected president Dictator of Brazil on Sunday. Just like Hitler was elected the far-right psychopath &corrupt congressman received more than 55 percent of the vote. His opponent, ex-São Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party, received less than 45 percent of the vote.This is a dark day for Brazil; Brazilian democracy is now in complete crisis,” Center for Economic and Policy Research Co-Director Mark Weisbrot warned tonight. “The international community must help preserve Brazil’s democratic institutions and stand up for the rights of its citizens by letting Bolsonaro know that there will be consequences if he follows through on his dangerous and hateful rhetoric.”Human Rights Watch issued a statement calling on Brazil’s judiciary and other institutions to resist any attempt to undermine human rights, the rule of law, and democracy after the election of Bolsonaro, whom they call a “pro-torture, openly bigoted member of Congress.”

For Next Weapon in Protest& Mind controle-Arsenal, ‘US-Killer-Elite’ Building Plasma Gun Capable of Vaporizing Human Flesh(Video). 

Earlier:Brazilians are voting Sunday—weighing their hunger for radical change against fears that the presidential front-runner could threaten democracy as they cast ballots after a bitter campaign that was frequently marred by violence.

Brazil: Police Abuse Unabated (Human Rights Watch.)

Far-right&Racist& corrupt-congressman- Dictator Jair Bolsonaro—often called “Brazil’s  Mad Dog-Trump”—has won over many voters by painting a picture of a dark Brazil at war—with criminals, corrupt politicians( not himself)  and leftist ideas( human rights). But many others fear that electing a populist provocateur notorious for praising Brazil’s 1964-85 military ‘Mass Killig- regime’ and foreign autocrats including Donald Trump, Peru’s Alberto Fujimori and Augusto Pinochet of Chile and Hitler would send the country into the dark ages. Polls released Satuday gave Bolsonaro an 8-10% advantage over his leftist opponent, Fernando Haddad, although the Workers’ party (PT) candidate had been gaining ground in recent days. Election results expected around 6:00 PM EDT Sunday.

Corrupte ‘Fracking & Oil-Rechter’ is het ‘Symbool & Gezicht’ van Corrupte Rechters van de Heersende Klasse in de EU en NL(Video).
Several key endorsements late Saturday gave Haddad’s camp hope that they could still pull out a victory.  “I am confident we can win,” said Haddad after voting. “There are many democratic voices that could have been silent and have spoken in our favor.”Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters risked arrest Saturday night during his next to last show in Brazil, when he urged people to stop right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro just seconds before he would violated election laws. Waters has been touring in Brazil with his Us+Them tour since October 9th and had performed six shows in the country before Saturday night’s show in Curitiba.  At all of his Brazilian concerts, Waters, known for his progressive views, decried neo-fascists, listing among them ‘US-Killer-Elite’ President Puppet Donald Trump, Hungarian President Viktor Orban, and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.Shortly before the show, an Electoral Court warned Waters and his Brazilian producer that if he did not abide by the Brazilian law, which prohibits all campaigning after 10pm, he would be arrested and face imprisonment.  Two minutes before the deadline, the stage went dark and silent. Then a message in Portuguese flashed on the jumbo screen.  “They told us we cannot talk about the election after 10 o’clock. We have 30 seconds. This is our last chance to resist fascism before Sunday. Not him!”“Not him” – “Ele Nao” in Portuguese – is the uniting slogan of everyone campaigning and protesting against Dictator Bolsonaro.  As the clock struck 10, the words “It’s ten o’clock. Obey the law,” appeared on the display.

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  1. Men liet Stalin zijn gang gaan tot 1953; toen werd het tijd voor de Alte Freunde om na de oprichting van de NAVO een dito Warschaupact in 1955 op te richten met de goedkeuring van Rothschild, Rockefeller en Bilderberg. Men nam dus afscheid van Stalin met hulp van Molotov, die Stalin het “laatste zetje” gaf.


  2. Mussolini was een geheim agent en bondgenoot van de Britten. Hij had persoonlijk schriftelijk contact met Winston Churchill gedurende de hele 2e wereldoorlog.

    Ook Adolf Hitler had sympathie voor de Britten en Hitler was zelf populair bij het Britse establishment. Maar niet alle Britten steunden Hitler.
    Hitler had zijn beste bondgenoten in Amerika: o.a. de families Rothschild, Ford, Kennedy, Bush en Rockefeller. Met hulp van Rockefeller en Churchill kon Hitler in 1945 naar Argentinië vluchten.

    Stalin was een echte dictator, totdat hij werd vermoord door de Rockefeller-agenten Vjatsjeslav Molotov en Nikita Chroestjsov.

    De Britten hebben altijd belang bij een verdeeld Europa. Daarom is er nu een Brexit.


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