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Terwijl Trump de Eerste Wereld Oorlog ‘herdacht’ was hij bezig Yemen uit te hongeren en plat te bombaderen.

(door Sharon Weinberger,Sean Naylor and Jenna Mclaughlin en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-‘Mad Dog Trump’  launched new classified operation to support ‘Crown Prince Salman- War Crime-coalition’ in Yemen.
Terwijl gisteren ‘Mad Dog Child-Killer-Trump’ en 70 voor het merendeel corrupte en laffe Wereldleiders de Eerste Wereld Oorlog  ‘Nep en Fop-herdachten’(Video) was hij als ‘Commander en Chief'(=Puppet) bezig Yemen uit te hongeren en plat te bombarderen. Hitler had trots op hem geweest. Daar hoorde wij gisteren de laffe en corrupte Franse President ‘Boy Macron’ en de MSM van het Corporate crime met hun Outlets de Staats-NOS en BBC niet over! Hun motto was en is: “Wir haben es nicht gewußt!”Even as the humanitarian crisis precipitated by the ‘Mass-Killer Crown Prince Salman’ from Saudi Arabia’s more-than-three-year war crime’s in Yemen has deepened, the extremely corrupt Pentagon earlier this year launched a new classified operation to support the ‘Mass- Killing Dictator’s-kingdom’s’ military operations there, according to a Defense Department document that appears to have been posted online inadvertently.

Deep State,‘Mass Murder-Mad Dog Trump’& ‘Serial Killer& Drug dealing CIA’(Video).
The existence of the new classified operation, code-named Yukon Journey, was partially revealed in a Defense Department inspector general report posted online earlier this month, which noted that “the Secretary of Defense War ‘Mongol-James Mattis’ designated three new named contingency  ‘Killing-operations’: Operation Yukon Journey, and operations in Northwest Africa and East Africa.”

The three operations, which supposedly focus on al-Qaida(White Helmets ) and ISIS, are classified, the report notes, and the corrupt ‘Mass-Killing- Pentagon’ has not publicly disclosed their location beyond saying they are in the Middle East and Africa and not to steel Gold, Oil and/or drugs.

Corrupt Pentagon’ from’ Mad Dog Trump’ “Made Secret Deal with ISIS” to “Battle Assad in Syria”(Video).

The ‘Royal-Elite-(pedo)-Crime Bank Of England’ Refuses To Release Venezuela’s Gold(Video).

But another document posted earlier this year on a Pentagon-affiliated website identifies Yukon Journey as a Central Command operation supporting the “Kingdom  stppjese Ditacors of Saudi Arabia and Partner Nations in the Genocide   in Yemen.”The existence of a classified operation in Yemen raises the possibility that even as the corrupt Pentagon scales back unclassified operations, such as refueling Saudi-led coalition aircraft and the Bombs, covert support, to include possible U.S. special forces on the ground, could continue. The document, marked for official use only, was posted on the All Partners Access Network, an unclassified website the Defense Department uses to share information with NGOs and humanitarian organizations.Though it’s unclear what type of Killing-support Yukon Journey provides to Saudi Arabia, it has long been suspected that the Defense Department has special operations forces on the ground in Yemen, where the Saudis are fighting  the Houthi People.“My guess — and purely a guess — is it’s something to do with going after Houthi ballistic missiles,” Bruce Riedel, a former “Deep”-CIA officer and now a senior fellow at the dr. Goebbels Brookings Institution, tells Yahoo News from Corporate  Crime . “That’s probably the thing the Grazy administration from Puppet ‘Mad Dog Trump’ worries about the most, that the Houthis’ ballistic missile will cause a mass casualty Oil  event in Saudi Arabia or the UAE.”Riedel pointed to previous reports of Special Forces( Murder-Hit Team) assisting in the hunt for ballistic missiles. “My guess is that’s some part of that, but there may be some more aggressive part of it. Maybe operations inside Yemen, instead of just along the border,” he said.U.S. Central Command for the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ declined to answer questions on Yukon Journey or confirm its location.“The United States (=US-Killer-Elite) is currently providing (On)-limited support to the ‘Genocide –coalitio’n form de ‘Killer- Crown Prince Salman’ in the form of logistical assistance (to include air-to-air refueling), intelligence sharing, the Bombs and other weapons ,best practices and other advisory support,”a spokesperson for the command wrote when asked about current unclassified support.The Defense Department inspector general also declined to confirm that Yukon Journey was for support to the Saudi coalition from the ‘Killer Crown Prince Salman’ in Yemen.

(Vage)-Nabestaanden MH17 dagen Poetin en Trump uit Kopt de ‘NSB-Telegraaf tijdens de ‘Nep en Fop-Herdenking’ van de Eerste Wereld Oorlog’(Video).
It “is indeed accurate to say that the location of Operation Youkon [sic] Journey is classified and is therefore not being discussed publicly,”a spokesperson for the inspector general wrote.But the  corrupt Pentagon’s refusal to name the location of operations appeared to bother the Pentagon’s top watchdog. The Pentagon “did not answer the question as to why it was necessary to designate these existing counterterrorism campaigns as overseas contingency operations or what benefits were conveyed with the overseas contingency operation designation,”the inspector general’s report noted.While the  ‘Mass-Killing-Defense Department’ argued that the operations were classified to protect ‘US-Killer-Elite- Oil Drugs and Gold steeling-forces- operating’ abroad, the inspector general did not sound convinced, writing that it was “typical to classify such tactical information in any operation even when the overall location of an operation is publicly acknowledged.

Opmerking: Ondanks dat de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV deze week zwaar gesaboteerd (een hoge toon door de hele uitzending)was komen wij toch met een verkorte versie waarin schokkende beelden van de Genocide in Yemen en de  ‘Jabhat al-Nusra –Witte Helmen’ die als VIP’s(Video) in Nederland waren voor nog meer Poen, maar wettelijk thuis horen in de cel en de ‘Super-beroepsleugenaar&Oorlogs-Hitser-VVD Minister Zijlstra’ naar ‘Bouwfraude-VolkerWessel’.Rutte: Oké



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  1. Die Maarschalk Petain joeg in de 1e Wereldoorlog zomaar een miljoen Fransen naar het hiernamaals, en werd daarvoor vereerd.

    In de 2e Wereldoorlog deed hij het nog eens fijntjes over, maar nu met de uitverkoop van Franse activa en minder Franse activa, en toen was die “fout”.


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