Anti-Media Strikes Back Against ‘Killer-Elite-Censorship’ with LBRY Blockchain Technology for Publishing.

 (Written by Anti-Media Press Release)

 Chula Vista, CA — Twitter volgt Stimulieringsfonds voor de Journalistiek en zet Twitter ‘Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir’ op verzoek van D66 op Zwart.
For those who have been following Anti-Media’s journey, the recent news of our censorship should come as no surprise. Following the 2016 election, we were falsely labeled Russian stooges by an anonymous group of supposed propaganda-spotters like’ Fake-News-MH17-Skripal-Bellingcat'(Video) for not spreading pro-US-Killer-Elite talking points, and these unsubstantiated claims were given credibility and widely circulated by Western corporate media. While these bogus claims were later walked back, Anti-Media remains on that McCarthyist blacklist to this day. To be clear, we were falsely accused of publishing fake or false news — but in reality, we were targeted for uncovering corruption and lies we’re apparently not supposed to.Following this smear campaign, we saw our organic reach across social media drop dramatically, which put Anti-Media’s normal business operations in financial jeopardy.

Is the Purge of Independent Media a Coordinated Attack by the corrupt Military Industrial Complex from the Western ‘Killer-Elite’(Video).

Volksnieuws breekt eigen record van meest gelezen en door getwittert artikel in het buitenland. PvdA, GroenLinks en VVD Amsterdam laten Twitter-Amsterdam-Noir per direct op zwart zetten.

We’ve been adapting by building our presence on alternative social media sites, rebuilding’s front page as an interactive “Homepage for Independent Media,” and setting up a daily newsletter. Anti-Media survived the algorithmic silencing campaign, and we even began to see our traffic climb over recent months. Then Facebook and Twitter decided to officially purge (see: censor) us from their platforms on the morning of October 11th, along with 800 other political pages and profiles. Anti-Media’s two million+ followers can no longer view our posts or content, and Anti-Media administrators can’t access the content we created and published on Facebook over the last six years.

 Read More (Meer Lezen) Anti-Media Strikes Back.

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  1. Dit gebeurt bij alle media die kritisch zijn over onderdrukking van burgers door EU, nato oorlogen en globaliserung.

    Publieke omroep en alle grote kranten in Nederland staan onder controle van politieke correctheid en hersenspoeling van de bevolking.

    Maar boontje komt om zijn loontje.

    Globalisten zoals Macron hebben de Maidan staatsgreep in Oekraïne georganiseerd en CNN filmde deze zogenaamde volksopstand en hitste de bevolking op.

    Nu is er een echte volksopstand in Parijs, en vindt CNN (spreekbuis van elite) het niet meer leuk lol


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