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Send Mad Dog’s Mattis & CDA Minister Bijleveld to the ‘Corporate Crime-Kennel’.

(Written by Ray McGovern deels ondersteunt en bewerkt  door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- CDA Defensieminister ‘Mad Dog Bijleveld’ noemt vertrek van haar ‘Ambtsgenoot-Boss- Mad Dog Mattis’ verschrikkelijk(Video).
Outgoing Corrupt “Deep State”-Defense Secretary& Killer- Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis was famous for quipping, It’s fun to shoot some people.” It remains a supreme irony that Mattis was widely considered the only “adult in the room”in the  ‘Grazy-Trump administration’. Compared to whom? ‘Psycho John Bolton’, the rabid neocon serving as ‘War Mogol- national security adviser’? That would be the epitome of “condemning with faint praise.”

Deep State,‘Mass Murder-Mad Dog Trump’& ‘Serial Killer& Drug dealing CIA’(Video).

Outrage after ‘US-Killer-Elite’& Mass ‘Killer Crown Prince Salman’ Block UN Resolution on Yemen Ceasefire(Video).

With his ramrod-straight image, not to mention his warrior/scholar reputation extolled in the media, Mattis was able to disguise the reality that he was, as Col. Andrew Bacevich put it on Democracy Now! this morning, “totally unimaginative.” Meaning that Mattis was simply incapable of acknowledging the self-destructive, mindless nature of “Deep State”-US-Killer-Elite “endless war”in the Middle East, which candidate-Trump had correctly called “stupid.” In his resignation letter, Mattis also peddled the usual cant about the indispensable nation’s aggression being good for the world.Mattis was an obstacle to Trump’s desire to pull troops out of Syria and Afghanistan (and remains in position to spike Trump’s orders). Granted, the abrupt way Trump announced his apparently one-man decision was equally stupid. But withdrawal of ground troops is supremely sane, and Mattis was and is a large problem. And, for good or ill, Trump — not Mattis — was elected president.

Marine Wisdom: ‘Psychopath Mattis’ a General of “The Shadow World”: ‘War Is Not Over in Iraq and Syria’(Video).

Historically, Marines are the last place to turn (not) for sound advice. Marine Gen. Smedley Butler (1881-1940), twice winner of the Medal of Honor, was brutally candid about this, after he paused long enough to realize, and write, “War is a Racket”:“I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher- ups. …”Shortly after another Marine general, former CENTCOM commander Anthony Zinni, retired, he stood by silently as he personally watched then-Vice President & Mass-Killer Dick Cheney give his most important speech ever (on August 26, 2002). Cheney blatantly lied about Iraq’s (non-existent) WMD, in order to grease the skids for the war of aggression against Iraq. Zinni had kept his clearances and was “back on contract.” He was well read-in on Iraq, and knew immediately that Cheney was lying.A few years later, Zinni admitted that he decided that his lips would be sealed. Far be it for a Marine to play skunk at the picnic.  And, after all, he was being honored that day at the same Veterans of Foreign Wars convention where Cheney spoke.  As seems clear now, Zinni was also lusting after the lucrative spoils of war given to erstwhile generals who offer themselves for membership on the corporate Boards of the arms makers/merchants that profiteer on War.

(For an earlier critique of senior Marines, see: “Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law.” )
Marine officer, now Sen. Pat Roberts, R, Kansas, merits “dishonorable mention” in this connection. He never rose to general, but did become Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee at an auspicious time for psychopath  Cheney and ‘Mass Killer Oil&Gas- Bush’. Roberts kowtowed, like a “good Marine,” to their crass deceit, when a dollop of honesty on his part could have prevented the 2003 attack on Iraq and the killing, maiming, destruction, and chaos that continues to this day.  Roberts knew all about the fraudulent intelligence, and covered it up — together with other lies — for as long as he remained Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman.

Scott Ritter on Pat Roberts

Roberts’s unconscionable dereliction of duty enraged one honest Marine, Maj. Scott Ritter, who believes “Semper Fi” includes an obligation to tell the truth on matters of war and peace.  Ritter, former UN chief weapons inspector for Iraq, who in April  wrote in April 2005 “Semper Fraud, Senator Roberts,” based partly on his own experience with that complicit Marine.Needless to say, higher ranking, more malleable Marines aped Zinni in impersonating Uncle Remus’s Tar Baby — not saying nuttin’.It is conceivable that yet another sharply-saluting Marine, departing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, may be tapped by Trump to take Mattis’s job. If that happens, it will add to President Trump’s bizarre penchant for picking advisers hell bent on frustrating the objectives he espoused when he was running for office, some of which — it is becoming quite clear — he genuinely wants to achieve.Trump ought to unleash Mattis now, and make sure Mattis keeps his distance from the Pentagon and the Military-Industrial Complex, before he is asked to lead an insurrection against a highly vulnerable president — as Gen. Smedley Butler was asked to do back in the day. Butler said no.

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years and co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

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  1. Vip Kaartjes voor ’t Fema Kamp, Toe Val?
    In spite of the ongoing “funeral service of the century”, a videographer(s) was present at all the perfect locations to capture the videos of the very moment when the notes were being handled and opened.

    The video footage was especially shot in such manner to catch the reactions of each VIP and their spouses, whether they saw the contents or not.

    Mysterious hidden letter from bush funeral also given to few others

    Something extremely significant occurred at the Bush funeral—special envelopes point to swift and sure justice on the way

    Question # 1: Why did the sender make sure the wives also received the ominous message? Whoever is responsible for this psyop, it’s clear that every part of this drama was fastidiously choreographed for maximum effect.

    Lees meer: http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/12/something-quite-huge-is-about-to-go-down-martial-law-military-tribunals-or-both/#more-73015


    • Als er één groep is die weet hoe ze belazerd en afgeslacht onder ’t mom van “Volk en Vaderland” dan zijn het wel de militairen. Nu o.a Franse generaals openlijk te kennen hebben gegeven dat Macron verraad heeft gepleegd met ’t accorderen van ’t Marrakesh pakt.

      Militaire coup zou ’t hersendode aan Stockholm syndroom leidende gepeupel nooit accepteren, dan maar een psyop door de White Hats.

      Please do your own research. There is a lot more of intel coming forward to help us understand the world we live on.

      Many signs and confirmations from highly placed sources indicate that a reboot of Western civilization is being planned for 2019. The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays, for example, has nothing to do with building a wall, and everything to do with a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals. Lees meer:https://benjaminfulford.net/2018/12/24/western-civilization-heading-for-a-reboot-over-the-holidays/


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