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‘US-Killer-Elite’ spent billions to change the outcome of Elections around the World and in the US. Rutte & Oijk& Sjoerdsma: Het is oké en Pas op voor de Russen.

(door Danny Haiphong en ondersteunt dor onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ‘US-Killer-Elite’ Quietly Deploys Troops to Gabon Amid Fears of Unrest in Congo.
The ‘US-Killer-Elite’ military state overthrows democratically-elected governments that it deems to be a threat to ‘Taxfree-corporate crime –interests’. ‘Taxfree-Shell-Rutte'(Video) & ‘GroenLinks Rechts CIA-Trol-&Mensensmokkelaar- Bram van Oijk‘& D66 ‘DDR66- Kleine War Mogul- Sjoerd Sjoerdsma‘ : het is Oké en Pas op voor de Russen.

There is plenty of evidence that the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ is the most depraved and dangerous “meddler” in the affairs of other nations that history has ever known.”

Dan Kovalik is a labor and human rights lawyer, but most of all he is an anti-imperialist and an author of three books. Kovalik’s first two books tackled the specific US war drives against Russia and Iran. His third installment, The Plot to Control the World: How the’ US-Killer-Elite’ Spent Billions to Change the Outcome of Elections Around the World, addresses the broad scope of US election meddling abroad. The book provides much needed political and ideological life support to an anti-war movement in the U.S that has been rendered nearly invisible to the naked eye.

 The’ US-Killer-Elite’ is First in War-(Crimes), But Trailing in Crucial Aspects of Modern Civilization.Rutte: dat willen wij ook!(Video).

The Plot to Control the World is as detailed in its critique of U.S. imperialism as it is concise. In just over 160 pages, Kovalik manages to analyze the various ways that the U.S. political and military apparatus interferes in the affairs of nations abroad to achieve global hegemony. He wastes no time in exposing the devastating lie that is American exceptionalism, beginning appropriately with the U.S. imperialist occupations of Haiti and the Philippines at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. The ‘US-Killer-Elite’  would murder millions of Filipinos and send both nations into a spiral of violence, instability, and poverty that continues to this day. As Kovalik explains regarding Haiti, “While the specific, claimed justifications for [U.S.] intervention changed over time- e.g., opposing the end of slavery, enforcing the Monroe Doctrine, fighting Communism, fighting drugs, restoring law and order — the fact is that the interventions never stopped and the results for the Haitian people have been invariably disastrous.”

“Kovalik wastes no time in exposing the devastating lie that is American exceptionalism.”

‘Mass – Corporate Crime& State-Media’s’ Russia Hysteria Is Openly Acknowledging the Power of Propaganda(Video).

‘US-Kiler-Elite- expansionism’ has relied upon the ideology of American exceptionalism to silence criticism and weaken anti-war forces in the United States. American exceptionalism claims that the U.S. is a force for good in the world and completely justified in its wars of conquest draped in the cover of spreading “democracy and freedom” around the world. Kovalik challenges American exceptionalism by showing readers just how much damage that US_Killer-Elite expansionism and militarism has caused for nations and peoples in every region of the planet. Russia, Honduras, China,Chili, Guatemala, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam and many other nations have seen their societies devastated by US-Killer-Elite “election meddling.” In Honduras, for example, a US-Killer-Elite-backed coup of left-wing President Manuel Zelaya in 2009 made the nation one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist, indigenous person, or trade-union/environmental activist. Thousands of Hondurans have been displaced, disappeared, or assassinated since the coup.

Damage control ‘Miracle-Holy-Fake-News –Oekraïne- Babchenko’ aka “Jezus” door ‘Ja-Knikker- Pauw’ en ‘Ruslandkenner’-Royal-CIA Trol-NOS-Hekster(Video).

Another important aspect of The Plot to Control the World is its exposure of U.S hypocrisy surrounding the subject of “election meddling.” Since the end of the 2016 Presidential elections, the U.S. military, political, and media branches of the imperialist state have accused Russia of virtually implanting ‘Mad Dog-Child Killer-Donald Trump’ into the ‘Grazy-Oval office’. The U.S. public has been fed a steady dose of anti-Russia talking points in an apparent effort on the part of the elites to beat the drums of war with the nuclear-armed state. No evidence has been presented to prove the conspiracy, as a recent National Public Radio (NPR) analysis states plainly. However, there is plenty of evidence that the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ of the United States is the most depraved and dangerous “meddler” in the affairs of other nations that history has ever known.

Steve Brown ontmaskert’ NOS-Moskou-Correspondent David Jan Godfroid’ als(Video) Frankenstein-Mafkees van de Killer-Elite.

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  1. Breek me de bek niet open.

    Alle oorlogen gaan om geld, uitbuiting. bedrog, roof en corrupte spelletjes over de rug van Jan met de pet.

    Ik heb overigens net een nieuw wapen uitgevonden:

    Een nucleair aangestuurde drone-raketlanceerder, onzichtbaar gemaakt met te programmeren visual empty-software, en met afstandbediening aan te sturen vanaf een eiland in de Stille Oceaan.

    Met een druk op de knop op de game-toolbox kan ik dan een kruisraket lanceren in de vorm van een dildo zodat die inclusief radioactieve lading precies in het achterwerk van Peter R. de Vries terecht komt met een snelheid van 2000 km/uur en een nauwkeurigheid van 0,4 mm per meter.

    Het Pentagon is geïnteresseerd en biedt mij 5 miljard dollar voor een proefexemplaar.


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