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‘US-Killer-Elite’ Approves Missile Defense Upgrades for ‘Mass kiling Crown Prince Salman’ Despite Khashoggi& Genocide Yemen Outrage.

(door Jason Ditz en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- In Saudische Ambassades wordt men vermoord en/of kunnen Moordenaars ontsnappen naar Saudische Arabië(Video).
Anger at the ‘Mass-Killer-Saudi government’s murder of ex CIA agent Jamal Khashoggi & had many in the’ US-Killer-Elite’ corrupt  Congress saying that they intend to limit arms sales to the insane ‘Dictator-kingdom’. The ‘Puppet -Mad Dog- Child-Killing-Trump Administration’ appears to be ignoring that, however, and continuing with Saudi arms deals.The War Mongul-State Department has notified the corrupt Congress that ‘Mass-Murder Crown Prince Salman’ will be receiving major upgrades to their Patriot PAC-3 missile defense systems, including an improved guidance system. The upgrades are expected to be worth $195 million.

The’ US-Killer-Elite’ is First in War-(Crimes), But Trailing in Crucial Aspects of Modern Civilization(Video).Rutte: dat willen wij ook!

Turkish TV & AmsterdamTV shows men carrying Khashoggi’s body parts in bags to Belgium for cat food.(Video)

Outrage after ‘US-Killer-Elite’& Mass ‘Killer Crown Prince Salman’ Block UN Resolution on Yemen Ceasefire(Video).
The  ‘War Mongul-State Department ‘says that the approval is in keeping with President Puppet Trump’s announcement that the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ will remain a “steadfast partner” to the Saudis irrespective of what happened to Khashoggi & the Genoice in Yemen.This has been the president’s  Puttet position, and his supporters are citing missile fire from neighboring Yemen. Whether teh corrupt Congress will react to this remains to be seen, but the ‘Grazy-administration’ seems to be betting they won’t.

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