Corporate Crime Media Condemned for Handing Pinokkio Trump, Macron,Rutte en May Megaphone to Spout Harmful ‘dr. Goebbels-Lies’

(van onze niet gesubsidieerde(Video) dr. Goebbels propaganda  redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Arabische ‘Massamoordenaars-Prinsen’ boden ‘Mad Dog –Trump’(video) miljoenen aan als hulp voor ‘US-Freak-Verkiezingen’.
After President Puppet ‘Mad Dog Child Killer-Trump'(Video) exploited the enormous free platform he was needlessly granted by  the corrupt America’s major television networks Tuesday night to deliver an immigration address replete with the same disinformation and dehumanizing rhetoric he has deployed since stepping foot on the campaign trail, critics denounced the corporate media’s continued role in amplifying Trump’s speeches despite knowing they will be full of harmful  dr. Goebbels-lies. Maar hij is niet de enige die gevaarlijke dr Goebbels leugens dag in dag uit verteld. Zijn corrupte en laffe Britse, Nederlandse en Franse loopjongens ‘Boys Macron &Rutte’ en May doen niet onder voor hun waanzinnige Kruisengrijper Boss Trump in het dagelijks ’dr.Goebbels- liegen’ tegen het Volk.“ Mad Dog-Trump just launched his 2020 re-election Freak-campaign with, essentially, the same speech he used at ‘Trump-Pimp-& Lie-Tower in 2015, when he first ranted about Mexican rapists and murderers. And the media paid for it,” wrote progressive radio host Thom Hartmann, capping off his tweet with the hashtag #Suckers.

Het is één grote Poppenkast, niemand gelooft het nog. Zangeres gaat viral met ‘Gele Hesjes- lied’(Video) over de Omgekeerde Wereld van de Ratten in pak waarin we overleven.

As some critics accused the corporate  crime networks of getting “played” by  ‘Mad Dog Trump’ into airing the primetime dr. Goebbels speech—particularly after they refused to carry a 2014 immigration address by former President “Uncle Tom”Barack Obama—Vox‘s Matt Yglesias argued that media executives are not being duped at all.Rather, Yglesias wrote on Twitter, they are acting in a way that advances their material self-interest by pursuing whatever is best for ratings.“The view that rich powerful media ‘Executives-Elite-Gangsters’ continually get ‘played’ like this seems to me to be a seriously weak analysis of the situation. They derive concrete material benefits from the extremly corrupt  ‘Red Neck- Old white Biljonairs-Gangster- Republican Party’ election wins,” Yglesias noted.As many were quick to point out,  Mad Dog-Trump used his primetime address to fundraise for his 2020 reelection campaign, firing off at least two emails soliciting donations to his so-called “Official Secure the Border Fund.”“This was a campaign event disguised as a presidential message and the networks all fell for it,”noted Andrew Lawrence, a senior researcher with Media Matters for America.

Uncle Tom”-Showbizz-echtpaar Obama’ van het Witte Huis naar Netflix(Video).
The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent—who predicted with “near-certainty” that  Mad Dog-Trump would use his ‘dr. Goebbels -speech’ to spew hateful lies—condemned America’s major television networks for carrying the president’s “absurd display of destructive disinformation and demagoguery.”“You knew this was coming,” Sargent wrote, “but acquiesced because Mad Dog- Trump spent two years trying to destroy your profession’s institutional role, perversely rewarding him for this.”Tweet Greg Sargent:“Great job, networks. You are complicit in amplifying this absurd display of dr. Goebbels destructive disinformation & demagoguery. You knew this was coming, but acquiesced because Trump spent two years trying to destroy your profession’s institutional role, perversely rewarding him for this.

6,0653:13 AM – Jan 9, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy
 While Mad Dog-Trump’s announcement that he would deliver a primetime Oval Office speech stirred much fervent speculation—right-wingers hoped the president would declare a “national emergency” to build the border wall—the president didn’t reveal any news in his scripted remarks, nor did he present a path forward to ending the ongoing government shutdown.Rather, as Indivisible’s Ezra Levin noted, Trump’s dr. Goebbels speech was predictably full of “racist pablum,” raising once again the question of why networks would feel compelled to broadcast the address in the homes of millions of Americans and on massive television screens in Times Square.“Networks turned over their airwaves for a stream of lies,” declared Judd Legum, author of the Popular Information Newsletter.While some expressed hope that, at the very least, media outlets would adequately fact-check the president’s falsehoods, the Associated Press and the New York Times quickly dashed these hopes by engaging in “embarrassing” both-sides analysis that downplayed Trump’s dr. Goebbels-lies and central role in causing the ongoing government shutdown, which has reached its third week with no end in sight.A funny thing about the Pinocchio School of Fact-Checking is that it buys the Trumpian right wing’s implicit premise that all truth is tribal. Thus, both sides are always the same, and “truth” is found only when you’ve balanced the amount of criticism being leveled at each party.

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