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‘War Mongul Obama’ and ‘Pedo Bill’ and ‘GroenLinks CIA Trol Van Oijk’and D66 Sjoerdsma are far more dangerous than ‘Mad Dog Trump’.

 (door Caitlin Johnstone en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-‘US-Killer-Elite’  Military Occupations Now Supported by Far More Democrats and GroenLinks Rechts en D66 DDR66 than Republicans.
A new Politico/Morning Consult poll has found that there is much more support for ongoing military occupations among  corrupt Democrats surveyed than corrupt Republicans.To the question “As you may know, President Mad Dog- Trump ordered an immediate withdrawal of more than 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria. Based on what you know, do you support or oppose President Trump’s decision?”, 29 percent of  corrupt Democrats responded either “Somewhat support”or “Strongly support”, while 50 percent responded either “Somewhat oppose”or “Strongly oppose”.  Corrupt Republicans asked the same question responded with 73 percent either somewhat or strongly supporting and only 17 percent either somewhat or strongly opposing.

GroenLinks in de Mensensmokkel en Amsterdammers Untermenschen(Video) .

‘US-Killer-Elite’ spent billions to change the outcome of Elections around the World and in the US. Rutte & Oijk& Sjoerdsma: Het is oké en Pas op voor de Russen(Video).

CIA-Vassal -Porosjenko‘ Prepares for War with Russia and might end in a World War.Van Oijk& Sjoerdsma dol blij(Video).

Hypocriete Klaver & Nijpels & Samsom &Van Oijk wonen zelf Antiduurzaam.Van Oijk wil Oorlog met Rusland en zit in de Mensensmokkel(Video).

Pedo Vice President Pence’& ‘Pedo Bill Clinton’& ‘Side Kick-CDA-Duivel Bijleveld’ en exit ‘Mad Dog Mattis’. Uncle Tom-Showbizz-echtpaar Obama’ van het Witte Huis naar Netflix(Video).

Those surveyed were also asked the question “As you may know, President Trump ordered the start of a reduction of ‘US-killer-Elite’ military presence in Afghanistan, with about half of the approximately 14,000 ‘US-Killer-Elite’troops there set to begin returning home in the near future. Based on what you know, do you support or oppose President Trump’s decision?” Forty percent of corrupt Democrats responded as either “Somewhat support”or “strongly support”, with 41 percent either somewhat or strongly opposing. Seventy-six percent of Republicans, in contrast, responded as either somewhat or strongly supporting Trump’s decision, while only 15 percent oppose it to any extent.These results will be truly shocking and astonishing to anyone who has been in a coma since the extremly corrupt  ‘War Mongul -Oil& Gas-Bush administration’. For anyone who has been paying attention since then, however, especially for the last two years, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.This didn’t happen by itself, and it didn’t happen by accident. American liberals didn’t just spontaneously start thinking endless military occupations of sovereign nations is a great idea yesterday, nor have they always been so unquestioningly supportive of the agendas of the US-Killer-Elit war machine. No, Democrats support the unconscionable bloodbaths that their corrupt government is inflicting around the world because they have been deliberately, methodically paced into that belief structure by an intensive mass media propaganda campaign.The anti-war Democrat, after the ‘Super War Mongul- “Uncle Tom”- Barack Obama’  was elected on a pro-peace platform in 2008, went into an eight-year hibernation during which they gaslit themselves into ignoring or forgiving their president’s expansion of George W Bush’s wars, aided by a corporate media which marginalized, justified, and often outright ignored Obama’s horrifying military expansionism. Then in 2016 they were forced to gaslight themselves even further to justify their support for a fiendishly hawkish candidate who spearheaded the destruction of Libya, who facilitated the Iraq invasion, who was shockingly hawkish toward Russia, and who cited  Psycho -Mass Killer- Henry Kissinger as a personal role model for foreign policy. I recall many online debates with Clinton fans in the lead up to the 2016 election who found themselves arguing that the Iraq invasion wasn’t that bad in order to justify their position.

Damage control ‘Miracle-Holy-Fake-News –Oekraïne- Babchenko’ aka “Jezus” door ‘Ja-Knikker- Pauw’ en ‘Ruslandkenner’-Royal-CIA Trol Hekster(video).

Psychopath women now run the military-industrial complex’ and The CIA. In NL runnen psychopaten Bijleveld & Visser Defensie(Video).
After ‘Pedo Bill-Clinton managed to botch the most winnable election of all time, mainstream ‘liberal’ America was plunged into a panic that has been fueled at every turn by the plutocratic mass media, which have seized upon unthinking cultish anti-Trumpism to advance the cause of US-killer-Elite military interventionism even further with campaigns like the sanctification of  War Mongul-John McCain and the rehabilitation of War Criminal  George W Bush. Trump is constantly attacked as being too soft on Moscow despite having already dangerously escalated a new cold war against Russia which some experts are saying is more dangerous than the one the world miraculously survived.  ‘Mad Dog Trump’s’ occasional positive impulses, like the agenda to withdraw US-Killer-Elite troops from Syria and Afghanistan, are painted as weakness and foolishness by the “Deep State”- intelligence veterans who now comprise so much of corporate liberal media punditry. And their audience laps it up because by now mainstream liberals have been trained to have far more interest in opposing ‘Mad Dog Trump’ than in opposing war.And how sick is that? Obviously ‘Mad Dog Trump’ has advanced a lot of toxic agendas which need to be ferociously opposed, but how warped does your mind have to be to make a religion out of that opposition which is so all-consuming that it eclipses even the natural impulse to avoid inflicting death and destruction upon your fellow man? How viciously has the psyche of American liberals been brutalized with mass media psyops to drive them into this psychotic, twisted reality tunnel?There was one group in the aforementioned survey which was not nearly as affected by the propaganda as armchair liberals. To the statement “The US-Killer-Elite  has been engaged in too many military conflicts in places such as Syria, Iraq, Afrika and Afghanistan for too long, and should prioritize getting Americans out of harm’s way,” military households responded 54 percent that this statement aligns with their view. Turns out when it’s your own family’s blood and limbs on the line, people are a lot less willing to commit to endless violence. Sixty percent of Republicans agreed with this statement, while only 41 percent of Democrats did.

Could these statistics have something to do with the fact that younger veterans are statistically much more likely to be Republicans than Democrats? Is it possible that a major reason Trump beat ‘War Mongul Hillary Clinton’ and ‘Pedo Bill’, and a major reason Republicans are now far less bloodthirsty than Democrats, is because mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are tired of flag-draped coffins being shipped home containing bodies which were ripped apart for no legitimate reason in senseless military entanglements on the other side of the world? Seems likely. And it also seems likely that the ‘dr. Goebbels-mass media propaganda- machine’ is having a harder time steering people toward war once they’ve personally tasted its true cost.

Steve Brown ontmaskert’ NOS-Moskou-Correspondent David Jan Godfroid’ als Frankenstein-Mafkees(Video) van de ‘US&EU-Killer-Elite’.

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    • Achter Sean Spicer zien we het George Washington Masonic National Memorial, een tempel van de vrijmetselarij. Is Spicer zelf ook een Mason? Meer waarschijnlijk is dat deze illustratie een hint is om de frustratie van Trump met het bouwen van de Wall te omlijsten : “George Washington Masonic National Memorial Construction started: June 5, 1922[1] , Completed: 1932 Opening: May 12, 1932[2].”



    Throughout history the world has been controlled by big ideologies such as religion, socialism and capitalism to name but a few of the many. These are all forms of slavery that have stopped our evolution and removed our freedom.

    Ont-Léér laat occulte(verborgen)kennis mystery schools tot je komen

    The Anonymous Charity known as The Collective, see these ideologies for what they are, SYSTEMS OF CONTROL. The time for change is now. No longer shall the people be oppressed by corruption. No longer shall those without a voice go unheard.

    The Corrupt Fear Us. The Honest Support Us. The Heroic Join Us. We believe in non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience.


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