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‘EU-Killer-Elite’, ‘CIA-Nazi’s-Porosjenko& Bolsonaro’ en MSM staan achter de ‘US-Killer-Elite- Coup’ in Venezuela om de Olie,Goud en Gas weer te jatten van het Volk

(by Jake Johnson, staff writeren ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Dictator of World Trump wil gekozen President Venezuela afzetten, maar steunt Dictators King Salman and Sisi, etc..(Video) .The Dictatorship Time’s of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler are back wit Trump,Salman and Bolsonaro(Video)
The US-Killer-Elite had been planning this coup in Venezuela to steel the Gas, Oil and Gold again. It was the’ Mad Dog-Child-Killer-Trump administration’ that told the little-known opposition leader  ‘CIA Puppet Juan Guaidó’ to declare himself (unelected) ‘president( Dictator).'”Confirming US-Killer-Elite Orchestration, Report Details Insane religious fanatic Pence’s Key Phone Call to Venezuelan Opposition Leader CIA Puppet Juan Guaidó. As China and Russia and U.S. lawmakers, civil society leaders, and Latin America experts continue to warn against American’s Killer-Elite intervention in Venezuela’s internal political affairs, the Wall Street Journal on Friday confirmed suspicions that opposition leaderCIA Puppet Juan Guaido’s move to declare himself “interim president” of Venezuela this week was highly coordinated with the  Mad Dog-Trump  Grazy-White House and  corrput Neonazi&KKK Biljonairs Republican lawmakers

The U.S. is not just ‘behind’ this coup; the U.S. is openly leading the coup.”
—Ben Norton, The Real News

Gevestigd Orde partijtjes vallen onder leiding van ‘GroenLinksRechts CIA-Trol- Bram van Oijk’ als een horde SS-ers ‘Verzet‘s Held-Baudet’(Video) aan omdat hij Rusland niet als een bedreiging van NL ziet.
According to the Journal, Insane religious fanatic-(Pedo)- Vice President Mike Pence called his ‘CIA Puppet- Guaido’ the night before his announcement and “pledged” that the  ‘Mad Dog-Trump -administration ‘would support him “if he seized the reins of government from [elected President] Nicolas Maduro by invoking a clause in the South American country’s constitution.”  “That late-night call set in motion a plan that had been developed in secret over the preceding several weeks, accompanied by talks between US-Killer-Elite officials, allies, lawmakers, and key Venezuelan opposition figures, including ‘CIA Puppet Mr. Guaido’ himself,” the Journal reported, citing an anonymous administration official. “Almost instantly, just as  ‘War Criminal – Mr. Pence’ had promised, President Mad Dog Trump issued a statement recognizing there CIA Puppet Mr. Guaido as the country’s rightful leader.”Guaido’s move and the  US-Killer-Elite  President ‘Puppet Mad Dog- Trump’s’ rapid endorsement were quickly decried as a dangerous illegal and War-Crime intervention—or the beginnings of a coup d’etat—which progressives argued would dramatically worsen the country’s economic and political crisis. As Common Dreams reported, over 70 academics and experts signed an open letter demanding that the US-Killer-Elite “cease encouraging violence by pushing for violent, extralegal regime change.”

‘Psychopath-Bolton’ Praises Openly Fascist Bolsonaro as ‘Like-Minded’ Ally(Video).

Deep State,‘Mass Murder-Mad Dog Trump’& ‘Serial Killer& Drug dealing CIA’(Video)CIA-Vassal -Porosjenko‘(Video) Prepares for War with Russia and might end in a World War.Van Oijk& Sjoerdsma dol blij.

At the center of the push to oust Maduro and replace him with ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’, the Journal reports, were some of the most corrupt hawkish NeoNazi-congressional Republicans and War Mongul-members of  ‘Mad Dog-Trump’s- cabinet’, including national security adviser Pschyco John Bolton,  the Ex CIA Mass Murder&Drugsdealing Boss Secretary of State Fat-man-Mike Pompeo, and the psychophat  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), as well as  the extremly corrupt officials from the Nazi-right-wing governments of Brazil and  ‘Mega-cocaïne dealing-Colombia-Elite-gangsters with the CIA and DEA’ . According to the Journal, a “decisive moment” in the behind-the-scenes planning came on Tuesday, Jan. 22, when Mad Dog-Trump met with top  ‘Grazy- White House’ officials and Republican lawmakers the day before scheduled street protests by the opposition.”Other officials who met that day at the White House included… the corrput War Monguls Pompeo and Bolton,  the insane Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for the Ultra-Rich-Elite-Gangsters(Video) , who presented  Mr. Trump with options for recognizing there CIA Puppet Mr. Guaido,” the Journal reported. “Mr. Trump decided to do it. Mr. Pence, who wasn’t at that meeting, placed his phone call to Mr. Guaido to tell him, ‘If the National Assembly invoked Article 233 the following day, the president would back him.'”Responding to the Journal’s reporting on Friday, Ben Norton—reporter for The Real News—noted in a series of tweets that it is now clear the “US-Killer-Elite is not just ‘behind’ this coup; the US-Killer-Eliet. is openly leading again a coup in South America .”While the specifics of the attempt to oust Maduro were worked out behind the scenes, the  Mad Dog-Trump administration has never been quiet about its desire for regime change in Venezuela.As Common Dreams reported, Mad Dog-Trump declared in September that the Venezuelan government “could be toppled very quickly” and warned that “all options are on the table” with regard to U.S. actions in the country.“The strong ones and the less than strong ones, and you know what I mean by strong. Every option is on the table with respect to Venezuela,”  Mad Dog Trump said.The president Puppet and Pompeo both reiterated this warning on Wednesday, with the secretary of state threatening “appropriate actions” if the Venezuelan military does not protect US-Killer-Eliet  diplomatsCIA agents, who Maduro has ordered to leave the country Progressive organizations, lawmakers, and advocacy groups in the U.S. have denounced the  Mad Dog-Trump administration’s decision to recognize the ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’, arguing that American interference only increases the likelihood of violence and demanding peaceful negotiations.

Ook de ‘EU-Killer-Elite -Staatsomroepen BBC en NOS’ en de GroenLinksRechts CIA -Trol Bram van Oijk(Video)  staan achter de Coup en waarschuwen voor Rusland en China.
In a statement on Friday, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) argued that “[b]oth the increasingly top-down Venezuelan government as well as the fractious Venezuelan opposition, which has at times resorted to anti-democratic methods, bear significant responsibility for the current crisis and there are important critiques to be leveled against both.”

Gabbard fot President, Offers Sharpest Rebuke of Military Industrial Complex and ‘Elite-Gangster-Bankers’. Rutte& Bijleveld geschokt(Video).

The organization concluded by calling on “the US-Kiler-Eliet government to immediately cease and desist all attempts to intervene in the internal politics of Venezuela and break with its shameful legacy of imperial control in the region.”Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) echoed this demand in a series of tweets late Thursday, highlighting the United States’ “long history of inappropriately intervening in Latin American countries” and declaring that “we must not go down that road again.”

Hierna wordt uitgelegd dat het de’ US-Killer-Elite’ er alleen maar weer erop uit is om  Venezuela leeg te plunderen.

The Maduro government in Venezuela has been waging a violent crackdown on Venezuelan civil society, violated the constitution by dissolving the National Assembly, and was re-elected last year in an election that many observers said was fraudulent,”Sanders wrote. “But we must learn the lessons of the past and not be in the business of regime change or supporting coups.”

Historian: Venezuela Is “Staging Ground” for ‘US-Killer-Elite’ to Reassert Control Over Latin America


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  1. LS…

    Rutte moet nu toch wel aambeien hebben of tenminste een ontstoken hol nu hij wederom gebukt staat voor een nieuwe holmaat van Trump… Deze nieuwe Joker is in het zelfde laboratorium gefokt als als Obama… Iets minder zwart maar een bastaard van de zelfde soort !


  2. Venezuela behoort een van de rijkste landen ter wereld te zijn.

    Onbeperkte oliereserves, genoeg te krijgen en te verbouwen voedsel op vruchtbare bodem, genoeg water, warm klimaat, veel zon, veel toerisme, goede zeeverbindingen met de USA, natuurlijke havens, Spaanstalige en katholieke bevolking.

    Waarom kan het dan toch misgaan ?


    • LS…

      Heel simpel: Als de Zio Nazi Khazaren Jezuïeten en Rothschilds en hun knechten iets kapot willen hebben dan gebeurde dat… Met het accent op gebeurde. Rusland / China / Iran / Turkije laten het deze keer en nooit meer gebeuren. Daarbij hebben de Russen een basis gepland in Venezuela en is de Olie Industrie genationaliseerd (goodbay USSA)


    • President Maduro ondergaat straks nog hetzelfde lot als Khadaffi. En weer draait de oorlogsmachinerie op volle toeren. De bankiers verdienen daar veel geld aan. Een regime change die door de Amerikanen wordt gepoogd door te voeren, daar zal het waarschijnlijk wel op uit gaan draaien. De olie van Venezuela natuurlijk speelt daarin een belangrijke rol. En wat het volk van Venezuela betreft: als Maduro afgezet wordt dan komt daar Juan Gerardo Guaido voor in de plaats. Hij is 35 jaar oud en is bovendien een marionet van de Verenigde Staten. Net als Bolsonaro van Brazilie dus eigenlijk. Dit zijn fascisten die de rechten van arbeiders volledig zullen vernietigen. Ze gaan de natuurlijke rijkdommen van het land plunderen.
      Veel vrouwen zullen verkracht worden en de wijken zullen door straatbendes geregeerd gaan worden. Er zullen veel drugsverslaafden bij gaan komen in Venezuela, want ja, de handel moet natuurlijk wel doorgaan, he.


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