‘Mad Dog-Trump’: I Make America’s Ultra-Rich First with record Breaking Great debt of 22 Trillion Dollars: Amazon pays $0 Taxes and Children go Hungry.

(By Nadia Bose en ondersteunt  door onze redactie)

‘Mad Dog-Trump’: I Make America’s Ultra-Rich First with record Breaking Great debt of 22 Trillion Dollars: Amazon pays $0 Taxes and Children go Hungry.

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Terwijl heel ‘SBS&RTL-Tokkie- Nederland’ weer voor de zoveelste keer de hele week in de ‘Sensatie-ban’ worden gehouden door de ‘Politie-Informant &Junkie- Peter R. de Vries’ en zijn gabber in crime de ‘Media-Huurmoordenaar John van den Heuvel ‘met de maatschappelijk totaal niet relevante ‘Bral-Priet-praat-Holleeder-Tapes(Video) en de hysterische altijd liegende ‘Juda-Zusen Holleeder’ staat de US op het punt op failliet te gaan en de hele Westerse Wereld in zijn val mee te slepen.

Trillion-dollar-valued ‘Amazon-crime group’  pays $0 in income taxes for 2018, gets multi-million refund thanks to Trump.We AreNot Robots or Slaves’: Amazon Workers Across Europe Walk Out on Black Friday Over Low Wages and ‘Inhuman Conditions’(Video)
Democratie -Buma- ondermijnend’(Video): ‘Taxfree-Trillion-dollar-company-Elite-crime-Amazon’ skated through 2018’s tax filings without paying a cent for the second year in a row thanks to the Puppet ‘Mad Dog Child- Killer Trump’ aka “Mussolini “  from the ‘US-Killer-Elite’. The e-commerce behemoth, which made $11 ‘Blood-billion’ last year, will pay no taxes at all, thanks to 2017’s Give it Oll to the’ Ultra-Rich-Elite-Gangsters-Taxfree’ reform crime.

Oxfam Novin Rapport:Het is een fantastische ‘Duivelse -Taxfree-tijd’ om Taxfree-Royal-Ultra-rijke-Elite-Gangster te zijn(Video).

The Bush Oil-Maffia- family’, de'(Pedo)- Clintons’, “Uncle Tom”- Obama en Trump de ‘Mousseline Puppets’ van de ‘US-Killer-Elite(Video)‘.

Rutte kust Juncker als ‘VVD-Doener’:’EU-Elite’ moet nog machtiger worden en mij een ‘EU-Graia & Naai-baantje’ geven(Video).
VVD -Godfather Rutte’& Co: “ Die Trump Belasting deal willen wij ook voor onze Ultra-Rijken en de ‘Taxfree-Shell- Multinationals’”. De ‘Taxfree-Koninklijke-Parasieten-familie’ van ‘Elite-Crime-Boss -King Willem‘ heeft die ‘Trump-Elite-crime-deal’ al en betaald net als Amazon 0,- euro inkomstenbelasting met dank aan zijn ‘Hofnar- Rutte’. Dit terwijl 1 op de 5 kinderen honger heeft in de US en in NL van het Kabinet ‘Regime-Taxfree-Shell-Rutte’ 300-500 duizend kinderen. En Honger is zogenaamd een van de hoofdreden waarom ‘Mad Dog Trump’ en zijn ‘EU-Gay-Boys Macron en Rutte’ Venezuela willen binnen vallen(Video). Laat die drie laffe en corrupte psychopaten Puppets van de ‘Ultra-Rijken-Elite-Gangsters’ eerst eens hun eigen kinderen eens eten geven!

Mad Dog-Trump’ zijn “America First” staat voor “America First -Crazy& Dangerous” in de Wereld(Video)

Rather than pay the standard 21 percent corporate income tax rate, ‘Taxfree-Amazon-crime group’ is actually claiming a tax rebate of $129 million, which works out to a logic-defying rate of -1 percent. Aside from the nebulous “tax credits,” which the company does not have to spell out in its public filings, ‘Amazon- crime-group’ and modern ‘Slave- Holder’ is also claiming a tax break for executive stock options, according to the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy – a longstanding loophole that permits profitable ‘Elite-Killer-crime-corporations’ to dodge federal and state income taxes on almost half their profits.

Amazon knalt 17% omhoog bij opening, Bezos $8 mlrd rijker.Vandaag 15000 kinderen gestorven van de honger.
While Mad Dog-President Trump’s 2017 tax reform* (stealing Trillions  from the pour People to give the money to the Rich) legislation lowered corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 21 percent, it was sold as an incentive for ‘Taxfree-companies’ to keep their ‘Blood-money’ in the US, instead of stashing it overseas where the IRS couldn’t touch it. Now that Amazon and Netflix have both made headlines for using the new regulations to avoid paying anything at all, it remains to be seen whether the legislation’s failure to close corporate crime loopholes will leave the US-Killer-Elite holding the bag for fiscal year 2018 as the country’s national debt inches past $22 trillion – a record high.

Amazon: liefdadige instelling of sluwe, gewetenloze Mega-Dictator-drugsdealer?
‘Taxfree-Amazon’s -tax’ windfall doesn’t even take into account the billions in tax breaks the state governments of Virginia and New York offered the’ Elite-Crime-company’ to open a second (and third) headquarters in their states, though there are rumors that New York is getting cold feet about the unprecedented corporate crime giveaway. Amazon-crime group didn’t pay any taxes in 2017 either, though it raked in a comparatively paltry $5.6 billion in profits and extracted a slightly larger $137 million refund.

Real irony’: Bezos complains about nude pics privacy invasion while building surveillance state(Video)

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