Russian cause BREXIT too! ‘CIA-MI6-Trol-Bellingcat’ names ‘3rd GRU officer’ in Skripal poisoning ‘Soap-saga’.

(By Russia Today   en ondersteund door onze niet gesubsidieerde (Video)dr. Goebbels propaganda redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-VVD-Beroepsleugenaar-Aasgier & Racist Blok’ gaat met Rusland brallen over de ‘Dutch-MH17-Doofpot(Video)’.
The CIA&MI6- &NATO-Trol Bellingcat claims that a high-ranking Russian military intel officer named Denis Sergeev was in the UK under the alias of Sergey Fedotov at the time of the poisoning drama in Salisbury – plus, “notably,” on eve of the Brexit vote.The UK-based ‘CIA&MI6-NATO-trol –organization’ touting itself as a ‘citizen journalism’ outfit published again a  “Deep State”- ‘CIA&MI6-Fake News-report’ on Thursday, saying that Sergeev is the real name of the man whom it previously connected to the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and another poisoning case in Bulgaria. The Fake News-report is part of a series in which  the corrupt alway’s Lying Bellingcat offers “open-CIA&MI6-propaganda- source” or leaked corrupt  ‘NASA-data’ to connect the Salisbury affair with the GRU, the Russian military intelligence agency.

Fake-News-MH17-Skripal-Bellingcat ‘werkt voor Geheime diensten en ‘NATO-Atlantic council(Video)’. 

The fresh Fake News- report lacks the chain of reasoning that led Bellingcat to believe Lay that Fedotov and Sergeev are the same person, focusing instead on the background of Sergeev and the travel history of Fedotov. It however promises to publish the evidence later, saying it was obtained despite the Russian government allegedly trying to erase Sergeev’s public record(Kuch).

Serial numbers of missile that downed MH17 show it was owned by ‘Ukraine-Nazi”: Doofpot Rutte nu FF stil(Video).

Russia zit ook al achter de Gele Hesjes(Video)! The gift that keeps giving for the ‘State-BBC’, even on the streets of France(Video)

Sergeev is said to be an elite graduate of a military diplomatic academy in Moscow with the current rank of at least a colonel and a string of shady business arrangements. Fedotov’s travel records put him in Britain in March 2018, when the alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia happened. He was supposedly also in Bulgaria in April 2015, when a local arms trader fell ill after an alleged poisoning, which Bellingcat implies was an attempted murder by Fedotov.Two of his other trips that  the ‘CIA-&MI6-NATO-Trol-Bellingcat’ marked happened in March and April 2016, with London as the destination.“Notably, or perhaps entirely coincidentally, these two trips were shortly before and after the Brexit referendum,” the ‘CIA-&MI6-NATO-Trol-website’ said.Fedotov is also said to have traveled on one occasion with Aleksandr Petrov, the person earlier accused by the corrpt British Government from ‘Liar May’ of attempting to kill Skripal with a “military-grade” poison.

4 mei Staats-NOS propaganda:Bellingcat claimt identificatie Buk die MH17 neerhaalde en PvdA-” Uncle Top”-Aboutaleb geeft doden een klap in het gezicht op de Dam(Video).

Suprise, Suprise :OM en MSM met Kroongetuige ‘CIA-Trol-Higgins’: De Russen hebben MH17 neergehaald(Video).
CIA&MI 6-Trol-Bellingcat earlier said Petrov is alias of Aleksandr Mishkin, a high-ranking doctor working for the GRU. Since being established by the  and that time unemployed and uneducated ‘Fat-man-Eliot Higgins’ in 2014, Bellingcat has become a ‘Fake News- darling’ of the mainstream media form the corporate  crime and the ‘EU-Killer-Elite- State Outlets NOS and BBC’ , which rarely questions the authenticity of its research. Higgins has since become a fellow at the  corrupt ‘dr. Goebbels- Atlantic Council’, and the “researchers” have been promoted as a trusted source by the shady UK& Ducht-Killer-Elite government-funded influence outfit, the Integrity Initiative.

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