De Heldinnen van De Stem van de Straat: Pasta & Prostitutes: Dinner with the Fokkens Twins.

(Door de Ouwehoeren georganiseerd door Unglocced in Amsterdam )

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Amsterdam’s oldest “ouwehoeren,” as they call themselves, will be the guests of honor at this Italian dinner in a private home. Sunday 3 March from 18.00 uur till 21.00. For €20, enjoy pasta, salad, garlic bread, wine and beer, plus salacious stories about Amsterdam’s infamous De Wallen, where Martine and Louise Fokkens once owned a brothel.

Beyond their experiences behind red-lit windows, the twins are talented artists whose paintings depict haunting memories of their childhood in Amsterdam during World War II. Their art and books will be available for sale at this event. If you’re not familiar with these local celebrities, read more about them here: Sister Act: Behind the Window with the Fokkens.

To keep things gezellig, guests will be limited to 15. Dutchies are welcome, especially those willing to help with translation of intimate stories! To manage the capacity, pre-payment is required. PM me for details!

Voor reserveren ga naar facebook Unclogged in Amsterdam ( @uncloggedblog) of Facebook Ouwehoeren

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  1. René van der Gijp doet in het radioprogramma van zijn collega Wilfred Genee een boekje open over hoe hij in een klap megarijk werd dankzij homo connecties.


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