How the corporate Crime and State Media NOS Manufactures Consent for Illegal President Change in Venezuela: NL heeft nu drie Premiers!!

( by Alan Macleod en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- In Nederland zijn inmiddels in navolging van de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ buitenlandse Presidenten politiek drie Premiers,te weten de corrupte altijd liegende ‘Taxfree-Shell Rutte’,de ‘CIA Trol -GroenLinksRechts Bram van Oijk’ en Stem van de Straat Underground Presentor Steve Brown(Video).
NATO’s Atlantic Council hijacks Munich conference with ‘SS-revisionist -principles’ declaration. Stef Blok & D66- Sophie in ’t Veld: Het is Oke!(Video)
Terwijl de afgelopen week de ‘Godsdienstwaanzinnige -Vice President Mike Pence’ als een hysterische dr. Goebbels op de ‘Nep en fop-Trump aka “Mussolini” pleegt Staatsgreep in Venezuela ,maar nu ook in de US met een ‘fake- State of National Emergency’. ‘Boys Macron & Rutte & Co’: Het is Oké’ iedereen bedreigde dat zij mee moeten met de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ in het omver gooien van de Iraanse Godsdienstwaanzinnige  Ayatollahs onder het mom van het brengen van de democratie is zijn Boss Puppet ‘Mad Dog Trump’ van de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ een Staatsgreep aan het plegen in Venezuela en de US. D66 DDR66-EU-Graaier&Naaier Sophie in ’t Veld ’en de VVD-er ‘Aasgier&Racist Stef Blok’ hadden zich al gemeld bij Pence dat  D66DDR66 en de VVD-misdaadgroep en het CDA en de CU volledig achter de Staatsgreep van de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ in Venezuela, Iran en de US staan(Video).

Trump Sends Just Like Reagan did ‘US-Killer-Elite’ Military Aircraft to Deliver ‘Aid’ to Venezuela’s Border for his ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’(Video).

Long after ‘Boy Macron ‘is out of the Elysee Palace, the historical Testament to his ‘Nazi-rule’ will remain in Murder, stumped hands, broken bones and disfigured faces of the Yellow Vest(Video) . ( Volgden week in de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV)

The latest extraordinary chapter in the bizarre world of Venezuelan politics is playing out before our eyes. After winning the 2018 presidential elections, Nicolás Maduro was inaugurated in January, only for the head of the National Assembly,  the CIA Puppet Juan Guaidó — a man whom, at the time just like the President of France Macron the Puppet of the Ultra-Rich, less than 20 percent of the country had even heard of — to declare himself President.Dictator. The ‘CIA Puppet Guaidó’ was immediately backed by the  corrupt ‘War Mogul- governments’ of the US&UK& Dutch Killer-Elite with ‘Religion- lunatic Vice President Mike Pence’ stating, “Nicolás Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. He has never won the presidency in a free and fair election, and has maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him Prease the Lord, Halleluja .”

CNN Nick Walsh Goes ‘Undercover’ as an Whore of the CIA to Manufacture Consent for Coup Attempt in Venezuela(Video). ‘Boy’s Macron en Rutte’: het is Oke!

I’ve previously cataloged how the corporate crime CNN,FoxNews,NBC, etc Media and the dr. Goebbels State Media in France, Spain, Germany and the Ducht NOS and Britisch BBC has been quick to echo the idea that Maduro is completely illegitimate and has been eager to position ‘America’s Killer-Elite’ stance towards Venezuelan politics as one of a neutral arbiter.

President Kandidaat Tulsi Gabbard komt op voor het ‘Vrije internet-Media’ en tegen het ‘War Mongul-Fake News’ van CNN van het corporate crime  en de Staats BCC en de NOS(Video).

Trump bedreigt als doorgedraaigde Terrorist leger Venezuela: laat Maduro vallen of anders Vermoorden wij jullie: Sophie in te Veld en Blok: Het is Oké(Video) !

Why do the corrupt mainstream media outlets, who resist ‘Mad dog Child-Killer Trump’ at home, neatly align themselves with his  ‘Grazy Red Neck-War Mongul- administration’s’ Venezuela policy? And why has there so little criticism of what is essentially an ongoing ‘US-Killer-Elite’ backed coup attempt?In a recent study, I analyzed how the media presented the 2018 elections in Colombia and Venezuela. Looking at how these two elections were covered can help us understand why there’s so little nuance in the media coverage of ‘US-Killer Eite’-Venezuela relations.

A seminal study inspires:Complot denkers gelijk ‘Taxfree-Multi Nationals’ de ‘Elite-Maffia-bazen’ van de wereld(Video) & Schuldbewindvoerder jat tonnen €€ en loopt vrij rond(Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV afl 6,2019)

To study the 2018 elections, I used the propaganda model media scholars Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky outlined in their book Manufacturing Consent. Their ‘dr. Goebbels-propaganda model’ contends that mainstream, corporate crime media is not a neutral venue for truth. Instead, it is a  ‘dr. Goebbels-vehicle’ that advances the interests of media ‘Elite- Maffia-owners’ and their ‘frinds in crime’ the advertisers.

Steve Brown ontmaskert’NOS-Moskou-Correspondent David Jan Godfroid’ als Frankenstein-Mafkees van de Killer-Elite(Video).

Dr. Goebbels -NBC-journalist- Snake in Suit-Kasie Hunt’ ‘Fake News-attacks’ on RT and ‘Hero &Surfer& Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard’ backfires(Video)

D66-Kamerlid Bouali aka “de perverse Dictator van Cuba: kreeg berispinkje : Pedo? Hoeren? Schandknapen? Corruptie?(Video)  Volgende week het antwoord in de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV.
The authors argue that, in contrast to the top-down censorship of authoritarian states, these  ‘dr. Goebbels- outlets’ achieve uniform opinions through the pre-selection of corrupt  “right- Nazi-thinking” editors and  Fake News reporters like for exampel the Dutch NOS Moskou correspondent David Jan Godfroid and the Fake News  CNN Nick Walsh  and Becky Anderson  who have been trained at the “right” schools. They then disseminate information – or, at the very least, self-censor – in a way that protects or advances the ideology of  Elite Maffia ownership, advertisers and official Fake News sources.

Herman and Chomsky highlight this phenomenon through coverage of elections in three countries: Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
The Guatemalan presidential election of 1982 and the Honduran presidential election of 1984 to 1985 were held under what Herman and Chomsky describe as “conditions of severe, ongoing state terror against the civilian population.” They show how the U.S.  corporate crime media ignored the enormous waves of violence inundating these two elections. CBS’ Fake News Dan Rather, for example, described the events in Guatemala as “heartening.”

Hoe de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ en de MSM hun ‘Puppet Guaido ‘tot ‘Judas-President’ van Venezuela Bombardeert om de Olie te jatten. Rutte& Blok: het is Oké(Video)

Meanwhile, Herman and Chomsky explain that the 1984 Nicaraguan elections were won by the Marxist sandinistas in a “model of probity and fairness by Latin American standards.”Yet American corporate  media coverage portrayed this election with a relentless tone of negativity.  ‘dr. Goebbels Time Magazine’ reported that the election mood was “one of indifference,” with voters “too apathetic to go to the polls” ( Like in the US, Britan, France and like in the Citty of Amsterdam) and that “the outcome was never in doubt,” suggesting a rigged system, while many articles discussed the “fear” of Nicaraguan voters. ‘Corporate crime -Mainstream media- coverage’, they concluded, manufactured a reality that was conducive to the interests of the US-Killer-Elite government – which sought to prop up their client states and demonize Nicaragua – and  Taxfree-multinational crime corporations, who were eager to work with sympathetic corrupt right-Nazi-wing governments to increase their foothold in Central America.

Coverage of two elections: A case study:Deep State,‘Mass Murder-Mad Dog Trump’& ‘Serial Killer& Drug dealing CIA’(Video).

Mad Dog-Trump’: I Make America’s Ultra-Rich First with record Breaking Great debt of 22 Trillion Dollars: Amazon pays $0 Taxes and Children go Hungry(Video).

Using this paired example method to test the propaganda model I studied Western corporate crime and dr Goebbels State media like BBC & NOS  coverage of the 2018 elections in Colombia – a key US-killer-Elite ally – and Venezuela, a sworn enemy. In  The ‘US-Killer-Elite’ ‘Vazal- Narco-State Colombia’, the conservative Ivan Duque triumphed; in Venezuela, the socialist Maduro won. The elections in Colombia took place under a heightened state of terror, with the left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro narrowly surviving an assassination attempt and right-wing paramilitaries issuing generalized threats to those who tried to vote for him. The incumbent conservative party under President Alvaro Uribe had massacred over 10,000 civilians, while American election observers, such as University of Pittsburgh law professor Daniel Kovalik, were mistaken for voters and offered bribes to vote for Duque. There were over 250 official electoral fraud complaints.The mainstream media, however, overwhelmingly endorsed the elections in the U.S.-ally state, presenting it as a moment of hope for the country and downplaying any negative aspects, especially violence. CNN reported that “though there have been isolated incidents of violence related to the election, they have been minimal.” The Associated Press went further, claiming the real danger facing Colombia was that Petro would push the country “dangerously to the left” while NPR described Alvaro Uribe as “immensely popular,” and failed to mention any connection to the massacres his government had implemented.In contrast, the mainstream media virtually unanimously presented the simultaneously occurring elections in Venezuela as a travesty, the “coronation of a dictator,” according to The Independent. Other major outlets described them as “heavily rigged,” “the fortification of a dictatorship” and a “farce cementing autocracy.” The Miami Herald called them “fraudulent,” a “sham,” a “charade” and a “joke” in one column alone.There were certainly some questionable aspects to the Venezuelan election. However, the idea of a full-blown “sham election” was flatly contradicted by every international election observation organization monitoring the elections, many of whom produced detailed reports attesting to their exemplary organization and implementation. There were a number of prominent international observers monitoring the 2018 elections, including former  Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero, who said he “did not have any doubt about the voting process”and the ex-President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who declared the “impeccably organized” elections proceeded with “absolute normalcy.”But you would have been hard pressed to find any acknowledgment of this in Western  corporate crime & State media ‘dr. Goebbels- outlets’.

The‘Crazy-Red Neck -War Mongul-administration’ shows its true ‘Nazi-hand’.
Instead, since Maduro’s swearing-in, many seem to have been openly championing regime change in the country. One of the few positive things about the ‘Mad Dog Child-Killer- Trump- administration’ is that it does not try to conceal its true intentions behind misleading, flowery words. ‘Psycho   War Mongul-John Bolton, Trump’s National Security Advisor, has openly described Venezuela as a business opportunity.“It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” he said.With clear parallels to the build-up to the Iraq War, he also labeled Venezuela as belonging to a “troika of tyranny” and recently suggested sending Maduro to Guantanamo Bay. The ‘UK-Killer-Elite government’ has blocked the transfer of Venezuela’s gold out of the  Crime-Bank of England after it declared  ‘CIA Puppet Guaidó’ its legitimate leader. At the same time, the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ has ramped up its  War Crime-sanctions on the beleaguered nation, in spite of pleas from the UN to do the opposite. The Human Rights Council formally condemned them, noting they made the crisis far worse. One Special Rapporteur declared them a possible “crime against humanity”.And yet the press overwhelmingly abets the pretense of “democracy promotion” and protection of human rights. The dr. Goebbels- Washington Post, for example, applauded the  ‘Grazy -Red Neck- War Mongul Puppet- Trump administration’s- actions’, urging it to work with the body to tighten the sanctions while claiming  the CIA Puppet-Guaido had given hope to the people of Venezuela.The corporate  mainstream media and State Media BBC&NOS seems to ignore the opinions of everyday Venezuelans. Eighty-six percent are against military intervention and 81 percent disagree with the current ‘US-Killer-Elite-sanctions’, according to a recent local poll. Perhaps there’s a ulterior motive to the corporate crime mainstream media’s uniform approach in delegitimatizing Maduro’s regime: to undermine and attack the rise of socialist-inspired ideas back home.When it comes to key issues such as foreign policy, the charade that the media cares about impartiality and truth withers away to reveal its true role in serving the powerful Elite-Gangsters.

Steve Brown heeft zich in navolging van de Venezolaanse ‘CIA Puppet- Guaidó’ uitroepen tot Premier van Nederland em gaat  beslag leggen op het ‘VOC-Bloed-goud’ van De Nederlandse Bank om het te verdelen onder de 3 miljoen mensen die op of onder de armoedegrens(Video)moeten zien te overleven .

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    Al het gestolen geld ben je nu aan het gebruiken om een oorlog te voeren in zuid amerika leuk en gisteren stuur je ,je diplomaat naar maduro in venezuela om hem te herkennen en die domme suri die je in de antillen heb zitten rhuggenaath echt zo belachelijk !


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