The Supported from the ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’ who hate Maduro just Like Trump& D66- Sophie in ’t Veld need humanitarian aid the least.

( by Max Blumenthal en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- How the corporate Crime and State Media NOS Manufactures Consent for Illegal President Change in Venezuela: NL heeft nu drie Premiers!!(Video) 
The narrative from the Corporate Crime Media and the EU State Media like BBC and NOS about dictator Maduro starving his own people aims to split a polarized Venezuela where the poor still support the government, while those backing the ‘CIA Pupppet Guaido’ and the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ -‘War Crimenal Elliot Abrams’ are cashing in on the ‘Boycott-US-Killer-Elite-crisis’, Max Blumenthal told RT and Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir. Despite the corporate crime &State mainstream media painting a dire picture in which the entire Venezuelan society –of course, besides Maduro himself and his corrupt inner circle– are in desperate need of food and basic necessities, the independent journalist discovered a different situation while touring parts of the country.

Trump bedreigt als doorgedraaigde Terrorist leger Venezuela: laat Maduro vallen of anders Vermoorden wij jullie: Sophie in ’t Veld en Blok: Het is Oké ! (Video).

(Not corrupt and Hero Rep. Ilhan Omar grilled Trump’s War Criminal & Psychopath Elliott Abrams for Venezuela.)

Trump Sends Just Like Reagan did ‘US-Killer-Elite’ Military Aircraft to Deliver ‘Aid’ to Venezuela’s Border for his ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’(Video)/

(zie hiervoor  hoe D66‘EU-DDR Sophie in ’t Veld’ Hysterisch met haar rechterarm als een Nazi schuin omhoog voor ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’en zijn directe ‘US-Killer-Elite-Bos’ ‘War-Crimenal Elliott Abrams‘ stemt.)

“The problem here is with speculation,” Blumenthal told RT and Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir from Caracas, explaining that, while many food products indeed suffered from the massive hyperinflation triggered by the falling oil price and ‘US-Killer-Eite- sanctions’, local supply to the population sometimes costs them nothing at all.

Mad Dog-Trump’: I Make America’s Ultra-Rich First with record Breaking Great debt of 22 Trillion Dollars: Amazon pays $0 Taxes and Children go Hungry.(Video)

The owners of the largest food companies are making a killing off of this economy. And ‘US-Killer-Elite sanctions’ are actually allowing them to hoard goods and to make maximum Blood-profit,” the independent journalist said. “That is the irony here – is that many of the supporters of the  ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’ and the big business forces behind the  opposition are actually cashing in on the economic crisis.”

Hoe de‘US-Killer-Elite’ en de MSM hun ‘Puppet Guaido ‘tot ‘Judas-President’ van Venezuela Bombardeert om de Olie te jatten. Rutte& Blok: het is Oké(Video)
Observing shelves bursting with supplies and full lines at the checkout at a supermarket in Caracas, the American author, journalist, and blogger came to the conclusion that ‘Grazy War Mongul –Washington’ with there  Puppet ‘Mad Dog- Child Killer-Trump’(Video)is intentionally trying to stage an “intervention propaganda show” with the help of the mass media, who are fully “embedded” with the Venezuelan opposition and there leader the ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’.

I’m certainly not denying that there is an economic crisis here because there is. And outside Caracas, the situation is worse,” Blumenthal noted, adding that authorities are actively working to help the population. While touring around open-air markets, the reporter encountered Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and the mayor of the Libertador municipality of Caracas Erika Farías helping the people.“At open-air food markets around the city food is being distributed basically for free to the poor and working-class communities. And all kinds of food is available throughout the city,” the American noted. “This is actual humanitarian aid with Venezuelan-produced goods delivered by local communities and the reason why they are doing this is to demonstrate that they do not need this USAID.”Many poor Venezuelans, Blumenthal said, believe that their crisis stems from the US sanctions noose and the absence of the billions of dollars that Washington seized or prevented from entering the economy. Meanwhile those who hate Maduro and the whole idea of Chavismo are usually much wealthier people “who need humanitarian aid the least.”“This society is completely polarized,” Blumenthal concluded. “And I think what the US and outside underestimate is the resiliency of Venezuelans and the will to resist among the very large base of this population that supports not just Nicolas Maduro but the idea of Venezuela as a sovereign state that can decide its own economic future.”

Debat over Bedreiging van US-ambassadeur Hoekstra om Russisch gas te boycotten. Van Oijk en Sjoerdsma ontmaskerde zich zelf(Video).
De ‘US-Killer-Elite’ Ambassadeur Hoekstra in NL een telg uit een beruchte ‘Incest-Bijbelbelt – NSB & SS –familie’ benoemt ‘GroenLinksRechts-CIA Trol- Bram van Oijk’ tot de corrupte Premier van Nederland. Brown is door De Stem van de Straat en zich zelf benoemt als Premier van Nederland en laat beslag leggen op het ‘Bloed-VOC-Goud’ in de ‘Nederlandse-Misdaad- bank ‘om het ‘Bloed-goud’ onder de armen te verdelen. Daarnaast heeft Brown opdracht gegeven aan Jusitie om de twee andere corrupte premiers Van Oijk en Rutte te arresteren op grond van jaren lang grove en massale Landverraad.

‘Mad Dog Trump’ and’ Religion -madman-Red Neck-Hoekstra’ discuss how they will force the Nederlands to buy Fracking Gas and use their ‘Trollen- GroenLinks Van Oijk and D66- Sjoersma’.

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