Unlike CNN&NOS, we and the Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV get to tell the truth!’ Now-unblocked Maffick hosts flip off censors.

( door RT en ondersteunt door onze niet gesubsidieerde redactie)


AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Pedo-child-Demmink-porn’(Video) or honest political debate? Take a guess which one YouTube failed to censor..(Video).VN wil dat ‘Mad Dog Trump’ ‘Sophie’s Choice-immigratiebeleid’ met zijn ‘Trump Children-Towers’ direct aanpast(Video).
Two Maffick Media hosts wasted no time tearing into the alliance of the corporate crime & State mainstream media like CNN and the Dutch State NOS&BBC and neocon think-tanks that silenced them for 10 days for breaking a Facebook rule they say didn’t exist until after their page was removed. Rania Khalek and Anissa Naouai of In the Now and Soapbox took aim at the “lazy report from Fake News CNN  “Deep State”- CIA” inspired by “pro-war-NATO- Bellingcat war propaganda & think tank” that led Facebook to remove four pages published by Maffick Media for being part-owned by RT video agency Ruptly and not having it written in all caps on their logo – a “crime” that wasn’t actually against Facebook’s rules – without bothering to inform Maffick beforehand. Volksniews from Amsterdam-Noir was put on black by Twitter ( and Facebook) and the Dutch corrupt Foundation Stimuleringsfonds voor de -(Gevestigde Orde)-Journalistiek  for subsidizing Fake journalists.

‘Drie-Petten- Directer’ van AT5&NH Media &C-Omroep Van Gesel stapt op, maar hoort thuis in de cel! ( Video)

Daarnaast is de corrupte en sluwe GroenLinksRecht Wethouder Meliani(Video) stiekem bezig Salto en dus ook en/of vooral de niet gesubisideerde Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV op zwart te zetten en te vervangen met haar corrupte ‘Judas-vriendinnen’ de  Grachtengordel-Maffia-Subsievreters ‘- “Uncle Tom”- Roethof & Guru Semeling’ van de  Elite-Fake -news ‘C-(censuur)–Omroep’(Video).

‘Staats-NOS AIVD ‘maakt overuren om ‘CIA Puppet- Guaidó’ in het zadel te helpen en ‘US-Killer-Elite’ weer een Tankstation in de Zuid Amerika(Video)erbij.   .

Fake-News-MH17-Skripal-Bellingcat ‘werkt voor Geheime diensten en ‘NATO-Atlantic council’.
In a sarcastic retort to the ‘Corporate-Elite-Killer-crime-government-censorship -alliance’, they highlighted the absurdity of the 10-day ban, which claimed to take issue with the Germany-based company “hiding” its links to Russia – even though those connections had been common knowledge since a 2016 Buzzfeed “exposé” that also reported publicly available information as if it were a big secret.”Unlike CNN and the Dutch State Outlet NOS, we and Volksnieuws from Amsterdam get to tell the truth about war-(Crimes) and ‘US&EU-Elite-Killers crime corporations’ because we don’t rely on advertising dollars and euro’s from  ‘US-&EU-Elite-Killers-weapons companies ,” Khalek gloated, pointing out that “all the Corporate crime and/ or State media is funded by corrupt corporations or corrupt governments” and asking Facebook to at least make other pages jump through the same hoops. Naouai reminded viewers that CNN’s CIA’s own parent company, AT&T, “helped the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping of Americans.

NewsGuard and D66 ‘DDR Minister the ‘Cencuur- Queen-Ollongren’ Launches War on Alternative Media like Volksnieuws-Amsterdam-Noir en de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV(Video). 

Maffick’s pages were quietly restored on Monday with the addition of a line on their “about us” page disclosing their funding sources – a rule that didn’t exist before In the Now, SoapBox, Back Then, and Waste-Ed were de-platformed, and which hasn’t been applied to other outlets like NPO/NOS, BBC or al-Jazeera which are funded by governments. The Twitter of Volksnieuws Amsterdam-Noir is stil not restored. “CNN wouldn’t care if we were funded by Japan and or Nazi’s,” noted Khalek. The hosts gave a spirited obscene gesture to their censors and hinted that CNN’s inability to grasp the Streisand effect may ultimately have helped them.

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