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‘Emperor Xi Jinping”: ‘political persecution’ of Huawei by ‘US-Puppet Trudeau’ goes ahead with extradition/Kidnapping to ‘Mad Dog Trump’.

( Van onze ‘US-Killer-Elite’ redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Afpersers & Gijzelnemers Trump’ & Bolden steken Keizer Xi tijdens G-20 diner een mes in de rug met ‘arrestatie’ CEO Wanzhou van Huawei(Video).
Ondanks dat de laffe en corrupte Canadese Premier’Puppet Trudeau’ keer op keer an publiek wordt beledigd tot op het bot als  o.a. een sukkel en lafaard door ‘Mad Dog-Child-Killer-Trump’ doet hij alles wat de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ van hem eist. Als het moet verkoopt hij zijn eigen moeder voor hun. Zo staat hij bijv. pal achter de ‘Olie-Staatsgreep’ die de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ momenteel aan het uitvoeren is met hun CIA Puppet Guaido’ (Video)  en de algemeen beruchte en veroordeelde altijd liegende ‘War Criminal -Elliott Abrams’ in Venezuela.

(Not corrupt and Hero Rep. Ilhan Omar grilled Trump’s War Criminal & Psychopath Elliott Abrams for Venezuela.)Laffe ‘Mooi-Toy-Boy-Trudeau’ van ‘Mad Dog-Trump’ doet het ‘Maffia-vuile- werk’ tegen Keizer XI(Video).
Premier ‘Puppet Trudeau’:” Abrams is een prima man waar ik graag mee samen voor werk om de (US-Killer-Elite)- Democratie terug te brengen in Venezuela en de rest van de Wereld en hij is altijd welkom in Canada en bij mij thuis”. Premier Puppet Trudeau has formally started the extradition Kidnapping process in the case of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Illegal arrested in Canada after being Fake charged with circumventing Iran sanctions  by the ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite’. ‘Emperor Xi Jinping’ saw red over the  Blackmail and Kidnapping move from the ‘US-Killer-Elite-Puppet Trudeau’. In a statement on Friday, Canada’s Department of No Justice announced that it issued “an authority to proceed” thus “formally commencing an extradition process in the case of Ms. Meng Wanzhou,” the Chinese telecommunication giant’s chief financial officer and the daughter of the company’s founder.Meng was arrested in Vancouver at  ‘Mad Dog Trump’s ‘ request in December. The ‘US-Killer-Elite’ authorities have rolled out a long list of Fake charges against Meng, that include bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit these crimes while allegedly breaching the ‘US-Killer-Elite- sanctions’ on Iran.“An authority to proceed” is the first step in the extradition process, with Meng now to face the court on March 6, where a date will be set for her extradition hearing. The corrupt Canadian Minister of NO Justice and Kidnapping has the final say whether Meng will be handed over to the US-Killer-Elite.The latest development in Meng’s case has dealt another blow to the already-strained relations between ‘Emperor Xi Jinping’ and ‘US-Killer-Elite-Puppet Trudeau’. China’s embassy in Canada has lambasted the move as politically motivated, saying in a statement that the Chinese side is “utterly dissatisfied” with how the case has been unfolding.“This is not a merely judicial case, but a political persecution and Kidnapping against a Chinese high-tech enterprise. The subsequent developments have proved this,” the embassy said.Meng’s lawyer David Martin has also cried foul at the decision, arguing that the charges against the Chinese executive were viewed by the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ as a political tool to break an impasse in the China-US trade row. The President ‘Mad Dog Trump’ of the United States’US-Killer-Elite’ has repeatedly stated that he would interfere in Ms. Meng’s case if he thought it would assist the ‘US-Killer-Elite- negotiations’ with China over a trade deal.” Martin said, referring to ‘US-Killer-Elite-President’ ‘Mad Dog-Trump’s’ repeated remarks that Meng could be used as a bargaining chip to salvage stalled trade talks.  ‘Mad Dog-Trump’s’ intervention even drew rebuke from Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who urged him in December to stay away from her country’s judicial process.However, the warning seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as  ‘Mad Dog-Trump’ doubled down last month.“We’ll be talking to the my  ‘Red -Neck-Boy’s -US attorneys’. We’ll be talking to the attorney general,” he said on February 22, when asked if the ‘US-Killer-Elite’ might drop the Fake charges against Meng to secure a ‘Elite-Mafia-trade deal’. The Huawei saga comes at a time when Crazy-War Mongul- Washington’ is pushing its allies Slaves to ditch the equipment provided by the Chinese tech giant, citing security concerns. The ‘US-Killer-Elite ‘reportedly offered financial incentive in the form of subsidies ( = bribery) to those who would refrain from working with the world’s leading communications supplier. Speaking in Manila on Thursday, ‘US-Killer-Elite Secretary of State ex CIA Boss & Mass Murderer& Drugs dealing- Fat-Man-Mike Pompeo’ (Video) again stoked fears over the perceived dangers posed by Huawei, calling on the word “to have eyes wide open.” Huawei have dismissed allegations of spying for Beijing, accusing ‘Crazy-War-Mogul-Washington’ of unfair competition,Kidnapping and ‘Elite-Mafia-extortion’.

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  1. LS…

    Het grootste probleem voor de Zio Nazi USSA is dat het Huawei systeem geen achterdeurtjes heeft waardoor de Khazarian Zio Nazi Varkens van de CIA naar binnen kunnen sluipen… In goed Nederlands: Huawei is voor de Illuminatie Zio Khazaren Cabal niet te hacken ! Ik zou zeggen: Koop een Huawei en laat de rest de rest…


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