LikiLeaks reveals ‘Steel the Oil Coup –plans’ form the ‘US&EU-Killer-Elite’ for Venezuela blackout.

( van onze US&EU-Killer-Elitei redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIRMaduro expels corrupt ‘SS-German ambassador’ from Venezuela. ‘Columbia is killing indigenous people for ‘US&Canadian-Killer-Elite mining companies'(Video).  
RT America’s Dan Cohen joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the latest in Venezuela under attack from the ‘US&EU-Killer-Elite'(Video) to steel the Oil, Gas and Gold. President Nicolas Maduro has ordered ‘US-Killer-Elite -CIA- Murders & drugs-dealing -diplomats’ out of the country and is turning to allies like China and Russia and India to help restore the country’s power grid. Maduro remains and we are certain that the blackout was caused by a  ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite’  with there  ‘War Criminal Elliott Abrams’ aka the “US- Eichmann” (Video)attack.

Why the ‘US&EU-Killer-Elite’ insists CIA-Puppet Guaido is there ‘Steel the Oil-president’ of Venezuela(Video).

Psychopatht Bolton’ Threatens to Kill or Send Maduro to ‘Guantanamo Bay Prison’. Het ‘EU-SS-parlement’ met de corrupte D66 Fractievoorzitter EU Parlement Sophie in ’t Veld staan er achter(Video).

Save the pour People in the World and vote for Tulsi Gabbard(Video) and sent ‘Mad Dog Trump’ and  his ‘NATO-Slaves'(Video) the ‘EU-killer-Elite’  to Jail or to a mental institution.

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