Pompeo asks ‘Oil giants-crime groups’ to push ‘US-Killer-Elite &the people of Iraq are Monkeys-foreign-Nazi- policy’. Rutte ziet Kansen voor Shell!

( van onze US&EU-Killer-Elite redactie)


AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Puppet -‘Mad Dog Trump’: My America First in working Poor, Alcohol& Drugs addicts, Suicide and Wars! Rutte: Trump is een echte ‘VVD-Doener’!( Video)( zie  a.s. maandag avond om 23.00 de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noi/rSaltoTV )
Het Mad Dog -Child-Killer- Puppet-Trump -regime(Video) met zijn corporate crime & Staats War- Mongol- Media -Outlets CNN, BBC, NOS’ begint steeds meer het ‘Nazi Regime’ van Hitler voorbij te streven in psychopathische & racistische & facistische & Oorlog ‘s taal en Nazi-gedrag, Heil het ‘Fascistisch Groot Kapitaal!

US-Airstrikes Kill at Least 50 Civilians in Syria. De NL F-16 ‘Piloten-Moordenaars’ weten er ook alles van en de ‘Staats-NOS’ zwijgt weer(Video).

Rick Sanchez reports on’ US-Killer Elite-State Secretary -Ex CIA Boss and Mass- Murder and Mass-Drugs dealing-Fat-man-Mike Pompeo’s'(Video) recent departure from the typical ‘US-Killer-Elite- emphasis’ on free enterprise when he told oil executives ‘Super-Elite-Gangsters -Godfathers’ that oil producers must work in tandem with the ‘US-Killer-Elite State Dept to Steel For example the  Oil from Venezuela(Video)  with the ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’ and  ‘War Criminal- Elliott Abrams’ aka the “US- Eichmann” (Video) and the EU-Killer-Elite. Was he giving them “Nazi-marching-steel & mass-murder- orders?” Then former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins to share his insights. They also discuss Tucker Carlson’s racist shocking declaration that the people of Iraq are “semi-literate monkeys” who need to “shut the f*** up and obey.”

Save the pour People in the World and vote for Tulsi Gabbard(Video) and sent ‘Mad Dog Trump’ and  his ‘NATO-Slaves'(Video) the ‘EU-killer-Elite’  to Jail or to a mental institution.

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