gele hesjes

Yellow Vests & Nazi-police clash as Boy Macron’s ‘great debate’ ends. Kees van der Spek woest op Gele Hesjes.

( door  en ondersteunt door onze Wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Long after ‘Boy Macron ‘is out of the Elysee Palace, the historical Testament to his ‘Nazi-rule’ will remain in Murder, stumped hands, broken bones and disfigured faces of the Yellow Vest(video)
Clashes between Yellow Vest demonstrators and the ‘Nazi-police’ from ‘Boy Macron’ the Puppet from the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich’ broke out as rallies intensified on the 18th consecutive weekend of protests. President ‘Puppetl Macron’s’  Fake-“grand debate” aimed at pacifying the protests ended on Friday.Saturday’s rally saw thousands of pour and desparate (hungry) and Homeless people flooding the streets of downtown Paris, with many wearing black balaclavas and holding French flags. Het beeld maakte de ‘Derde Wereld-Pedo-Hoerenloper &Riool-TV-Oplichter- lafaard Kees van der Spek’ woest op de Gele Hesjes.

Kees van der Spek ontmaskerd door Steve Brown als ‘lafaard& Pedo-Hoerenloper’ & Gele hesjes Basher(video).

No hope for change: Parisians say Boy-Macron’s  Fake- ‘great debate’ was a PR stunt (VIDEO)

SP & Steve Brown & de Stem van de Straat & Gele Hestjes walgen van ‘Pedo-Hoerenloper & Lafaard Kees van der Spek(Video).
Violence erupted on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, where protesters congregated to take part in the weekly march which began in November. According to the Associated Press, Boy Macron mobilized more Nazi-police than in previous weeks in an attempt to stave off unrest. More than 100 demonstrators were arrested by Saturday evening.From 7,000 to 8,000 people are currently rallying in Paris, and out of them around 1,500 people are ultraviolent, and they have come to destroy and to attack,”  the corrupt French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told broadcaster BFMTV. The  corrupt Interior Ministry later upped the turnout to 10,000- 20,000 protesters in Paris and 14,500- 30,000 nationwide.

A Ruptly producer filming the demonstration was injured by a projectile fired by police. Video footage shows the producer receiving first aid from Yellow Vest medics. 

‘VVD-Neonazi Van Balen’& ‘Rent a D66’ kiest Macron als Führer voor de EU in de strijd tegen de Gele hesjes(Video).

The latest round of ‘Yellow Vest’ protests coincides with the end of President Puppet  Emmanuel Macron’s Fake-“grand national debate”. The first round of the debates, meant to reconcile with the grassroots protest movement, kicked off in the northern town of Grand Bourgtheroulde, with Macron and hundreds of local officials attending. ‘Boy Macron’ expressed hope that a frank nationwide Fake discussion of pressing issues would help alleviate growing political unrest. He has promised to increase the minimum wage but also warned that he will not back down on his pro-business reforms Elite-crimes ass Puppet of the ‘Taxfree-Ultra-Rich-Killer-Elite'(Video) .

Boy Mocron’ probeert ‘Gele Hesjes-opstand’ in de kiem te smoren door ze op te sluiten in de cel of in elkaar te slaan(Video).

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