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Leaked Audio Exposes ‘Oil-Elite-Gangsters’ over unlimited Access to Puppet ‘Angel’-Trump. ‘GroenLinks-CIA Trol-Van Oijk’ koop hun Gas.

( From our ‘Taxfree-US—Killer –Pedo—Elite’(Video) redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR – Psycho-Pompeo’: Onze Puppet Trump is gezonden door God om Israël te redden en Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, China en Rusland te vernietigen en Oil & Goud voor ons te stelen(Video)
A newly-leaked  shocking audio recording reveals that oil and gas Topexecutives‘Super-Elite-Gangsters’ in a private meeting were “giddy” with laughter and sniffing lines of ‘(DEA&CIA)-cocaine (Video)‘in the summer of 2017 as they rejoiced over the “unprecedented access” they were being given to the highest levels of the  Puppet ‘Mad Dog-‘Angel Esther’ -Trump- administration(Video), boasting about their ability to have closed-door meetings with the corrupt Top officials like the dangers insane Mass Murder& self declared Christian the ‘ex CIA-Boss-‘Fat-man-Pompeo’ and the psychopath ‘War Mongul- Bolton’ and the ascendance of their own industry crime colleagues to some of the most powerful seats of the Grazy and extremely dangers’ Red-Neck- corporate crime- War Momgul-government’. The Corrupt and completely insane Secretary of State Mass Murderer  Mike Pompeo suggested it is “possible” that ‘US-Killer-Pedo-Elite'(Video)  Puppet Trump is meant to save the Jewish people, responding to an interview question whether Trump is a new Esther, a biblical character who convinced the king of Persia not to destroy the Jews. The comments came during Purim, a Jewish holiday that marks Esther’s story.



Psycho-Pompeo’ asks ‘Oil giants-crime groups’ to push ‘US-Killer-Elite &the people of Iraq are Monkeys-foreign-Nazi- policy’. Rutte ziet Kansen voor Shell!(Video)

Among the topics in the recording, reports Reveal at the Center for Investigative Reporting—which was provided the audio—the Oil&Gas ‘Taxfree-Super-Elite-Gangsters’ who belong to the corporate crime Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) “are heard discussing   ‘Super-Elite-Gangster -David Bernhardt’, now corrupt deputy secretary of the Interior and a former  corporate crime Taxfree- industry lobbyist.” Notably, Bernhardt—described by the executives Super-Elite-Gangsters in the recording as a close  ‘Steel the Oil with the CIA and the army and the  help from the corporate crime MSM like the CNN and the State ‘dr. Goebbels-Outlets BBC and NOS’ from Venezuela and the rest of the World –friend’ and industry operative—has now been nominated by President ‘Puppet Mad-Dog-Angels-Trump’ to be the next corrupt Secretary of Interior for the ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite’, with his confirmation hearings scheduled for next week.

Always lying Psycho Sarah Sanders says ‘God wanted Trump be President’:  Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence = Trinity Of Satan – DOOMSDAY CULT ALERT!!!

Lance Williams, a senior reporter for Reveal, detailed the contents of the recorded June 2017 meeting, which took place inside a Ritz-Carlton hotel with a lot of  under age Callgrils(Video)and free ‘DEA&CIA- cocaine’ conference room in Southern California, with an extensive piece for Politico‘s weekend magazine published Saturday. Williams said the “recording gives a rare look behind the curtain of an influential ‘Elite-Mafia-Oil- Industry- lobbying crime-group’ ” congratulating itself on their political fortunes under a friendly corrupt ‘War Mongul &Steel the Oil&Gas&Gold from the World-administration’.

Debat over Bedreiging van ‘US-Killer-Elite & NSB-er ambassadeur Hoekstra’ om Russisch gas te boycotten. ‘GroenLinksRechts CIA Trol- Van Oijk’ en D66 DDR66-Sjoerdsma ontmaskerde zich zelf(Video).

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.
Williams reports:“Dan Naatz, the association’s political director, told the conference room audience of about 100 executives that ‘Snake in Suit- Fat-man- Bernhardt’s ‘new role meant their priorities would be heard at the highest levels of Interior.“We know him very well, and we have direct access to him, have conversations with him about issues ranging from federal land access to endangered species, to a lot of issues like steeling the Oil and Gas of the World ” Naatz said, according to an hourlong recording…”

Psycho-Pompeo’ support for ‘Saudi&UK-led -Mass- bombing’ Children and Baby’s is the way to ensure’ Genocide- US-Killer-Elite- Peace’(Video).

To a room full of laughter, IPAA’s CEO ‘Taxfree-Super Elite-Gangster – Barry Russell’ in the recording described one meeting with  ‘Snake in Suit-Scott Pruitt’, the president’s Godfather’s  EPA administrator at the time. What was expected to be a simple meet-and-greet, Russell explained, quickly became a friendly opportunity for the fellow industry insiders to provide Pruitt with a wish list for deregulation and agency rule changes. “What was really great is there was about four or five corrupt  EPA staffers there, who were all like, ‘Write that down, write that down,’ all the way through this,” Russell stated. “And when we left, I said that was just our overview.”

Save The Word:  Surfer and Hero not corrupt Tulsi Gabbard for US- President, Smashes ‘CIA-CNN’s & ‘Staats-NOS & BBC’s’ ‘Pro War Horribleness’(Video).

Russell, with the room reportedly still laughing and sniffing cocaine , subsequently bragged: “It’s really a new world for us and very, very helpful.”Pecifically, the IPAA and other allies were holding meetings during that period with the Interior Department, the EPA, and other agencies to reduce regulations on fracking, public lands restoration, methane restrictions, and species protection. From Politico:“At the meeting, the association’s leaders distributed a private “regulatory update” memo that detailed environmental laws and rules that it hoped to blunt or overturn. The group ultimately got its way on four of the five high-profile issues that topped its wish list.

‘Mad Dog-Angel-Esther -Trump’ himself was a driving force behind deregulating the energy industry, ordering the government in 2017 to weed out federal rules “that unnecessarily encumber energy production.” In a 2017 order, Zinke called for his deputy secretary -‘Taxfree-Super Elite -Oil-Gangster- at-man-Bernhardt’—to make sure the department complied with  ‘Mad Dog-‘Angel Esther’-Trump’s regulatory rollbacks.”

Armed terrorist CIA- cell’: Venezuela Minister confirms arrest of ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’s’ aide. ‘D66-EU-Sophie in ’t Veld’ in huilen uit gebarsten(Video).

 The leaked recording comes in the wake of reporting by journalist Andrew Perez of Maplight on Friday revealed that ‘Taxfree-Super Elite -Oil-Gangster- Fat-man-   Bernhardt’ and the ‘Elite-Killer- lobbying- firm’ he once worked for the T’axfree-Super-Elite-Gangsters’ Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, have donated almost a million dollars over the last five years to the very senators who will soon vote on his confirmation.

Unlike CNN&NOS, we and the Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV get to tell the truth!’ Now-unblocked Maffick hosts flip off censors(Video)

Why the ‘US&EU-Killer-Elite’ insists CIA-Puppet Guaido is there ‘Steel the Oil-president’ of Venezuela(Video).

dr. Goebbels-Staats-NOS’ maakt overuren om ‘CIA Puppet- Guaidó’ in het zadel te helpen en ‘US-Killer-Elite’ weer een Tankstation in de Zuid Amerika(Video).

According to Perez:“A MapLight review of campaign finance data found that Bernhardt, Brownstein Hyatt employees and the firm’s political action committee contributed more than $225,000 to members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee between 2013 and 2018. The panel will hold a hearing on his nomination next week.The firm and its employees also donated more than $960,000 to current  corrupt  members of the Senate, who will cast the final vote on Bernhardt’s confirmation.Colorado’s senators,  the corrupt Democrat Michael Bennet and  corrupt Red-Neck-Republican Cory Gardner, were the top recipients of cash from  ‘Taxfree-Super Elite-Gangster Brownstein Hyatt’, which has a major lobbying presence in Denver. The third-biggest haul went to the extremely corrupt ‘Red-Neck&KKK-  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’, R-Ky. Bennet voted to confirm Bernhardt as deputy secretary but has announced he will oppose his nomination to lead the agency.”

Schokkend: Wat u nooit ziet bij de Staat-NOS en/of leest in Gevestigde Orde Kranten: ‘The Bush Oil-Maffia- family’, de'(Pedo)- Clintons’, “Uncle Tom”- Obama en Trump de ‘Mousseline Puppets’ van de ‘US-Killer-Elite'(Video

Puppet -‘Mad Dog Trump’ : My America First in working Pour, Alcohol& Drugs addicts, Suicide and Wars! Rutte: Trump is een echte ‘VVD-Doener’(Video)!

Sked to comment on the audio recording of the IPAA meeting, Nada Culver, senior counsel for the Wilderness Society, told Politico that the lobby group’s access ultimately resulted in attaining much of what it wanted from the ‘Grazy- Trump- administration’. “The IPAA’s wish list was granted as asked, in the executive order, and in the actions taken by the Department of the Interior,” Culver said. “It pains me to say it.”With Bernhardt’s confirmation hearing set for next week, environmental groups are rallying constituents to call their senators to reject the nominee. David Bernhardt used to corrupt lobby for oil & gas — and now his former clients are getting rushed drilling approvals with Bernhardt at the helm ofTrump’s Pick to Run Interior Looms Large Behind Ocean Sell-Off – Center for American ProgressThe oil and gas industry—including Bernhardt’s former clients—are making out like bandits offshore and leaving Americans high and dry.As Anne Hawke of the NRDC told her group’s members this week, “Bernhardt’s sorry record in protecting America’s natural resources, wildlife and waters makes him uniquely unfit for the job, and we urge you to call on lawmakers to reject his nomination.”

President  Puppet ‘Mad Dog-‘Angel Esther’-Trump’, the Hawke further warned, “is handing over the future of our public lands, wildlife, waters and all they support to a  criminal  Fat-man who has made a living for decades attacking all of that to benefit some of the biggest ‘Elite-Killers-criminals -industrial -polluters’ on the planet.”

Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV: Scrooge Rutte’ als Premier heeft NL terug gebracht in de 18e eeuw. De echte ‘Engel-Steve’ Vernietigt de Ultra-Rijken(Video)!

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