Iran’s Insane Supreme Security Council puts ‘US-Killer-Elite- troops’ on its terrorist list.’ NL-F-16 piloten’ halen opgelucht adem

(By Russia today en ondersteund door onze wordt Wakker redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- US& EU- Taxfree-Killer-Elite’ ‘Blood-sucking’ there People dry& Raping there Children& Torture animals(Video) .
De Nederlandse F-16 piloten& Moordenaars(Video) en hun Boss de corrupte en laffe CDA ‘Nep en Fop Christen- Bijleveld’ halen opgelucht adem dat zij nog niet op de  Christelijke’Duivelse-Terroristen- lijst’ zijn geplaatst door de VN. In response to ‘Christian’- Mad dog- Child Killer –Trump’ aka “Angel Esther”(Video) decision to put Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on the terrorist list, the Iranian ‘Religious fanatic -Supreme Security Council’ declared the ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite’ a “terrorist government” while calling the ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite- CENTCOM’ a terrorist group as well.Following what it called an “unlawful and unreasonable action” of the Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite, Tehran officially declared the US “a ‘terrorist- Mad Dog Trump- government’ and the ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite- Central Command’ known as CENTCOM as well as all its affiliates a terrorist group,” a statement of the Insane Islamic Republic’s Supreme National Security Council headed by Little ‘Mad Dog- President Hassan Rouhani’ said.

‘US-Elite -Corporate crime- Media’ Like Fake News CNN CIA and FOX ‘Red Neck- KKK’ and there ‘dr. Goebbels- State- Outlets BBC&NOS’ Remains Silent as Huge Protests Take Place Across Yemen(Video)

‘War Mogul &Corrupt Netanyahu’ thanks ‘Puppet -War Mogul- Trump’ for designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards ‘terrorists’.

The statement blamed CENTCOM for harming Iran’s national security as well as ruining the lives of “innocent Iranian and non-Iranian individuals” to promote the Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite ‘ “aggressive War Mangul and Torture  and Steel the Oil, Gas and Gold policies” in Western Asia, Afrika, Middel East,South America and the EU. It also specifically mentioned that the ‘Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite’ is “involved” in the killing of people in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition wages a brutal military campaign against the Shia Houthi rebels. ‘Grazy- War Mongul-  corrupt-Washington’ has long provided intelligence and logistic support to the  Mass Murderer Crown Prince Salman, and also sold them weapons as part of arms deals worth billions of dollars.

Psycho-Pompeo’: Onze Puppet Trump is gezonden door God om Israël te redden en Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, China en Rusland te vernietigen en Oil & Goud voor ons te stelen(Video).

‘CIA Puppet-Guaido’ admits he needs military support& NATO behind regime change, ‘Venezuela Steel the Oil- coup’.(Video)

‘US-Killer-Elite’ Puppets- Trump & Pence Continues as Slaves of Zionist Israel and corrupt&Racist AIPAC. AIPAC’s Open Secret, Exposed by Ilhan Omar(Video).

Omar Blasts Obama for “Caging and Mass Raping of pour Kids” and “Getting Away With Mass Murder” just like Trump(Video) .

Khashoggi’s Killers & Torturers  Were Trained in the US by the CIA en niet door Junkie& verklaarde Rambo Majoor Kroon(Video).
The Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite- and its allies NATO Slaves “have always been advocates of extremist groups and terrorists in the Western Asian& Miiddel East region,” the council said, adding that Puppet-  Mad Dog Trump has to take responsibility for “the dangerous consequences of its adventures.”On Black-Monday President Puppet -‘Mad Dog- Trump’ aka “Angel Esther”(Video),  announced the Taxfree-US-Killer-Elite’ decision to designate Iran’s elite military unit, the Revolutionary Guards Corps, as a terrorist group. The Insane  Iranian Security Council condemned the move by calling it “an illegal and dangerous action” that poses a “major threat to the regional and international peace and security as well as grossly violates the rules of international law.The SS and Gestapo was not even designate ass a Terrorist group ”

Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV: Scrooge Rutte’ als Premier heeft NL terug gebracht in de 18e eeuw. De echte ‘Engel-Steve’ Vernietigt de Ultra-Rijken(Video)!

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  1. Nederlandse piloten hebben Belgrado gebombardeerd met fragmentatiebommen.
    Kosovo is daarna van Servië afgehakt en is nu kolonie van USA

    En onlangs heeft de regering 70 miljoen euro aan jihadis gegeven in Syrië

    Gelukkig is Steve nu de wettige regering in Nederland want karma is a bitch


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