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‘Fake-SS- News’:The Russians are coming for the Corrupt European elections! Just don’t ask the Corporate crime MSM& State NPO for proof.

( By Graham Dockery, RT en ondersteunt  door onze  wordt Wakker redactie )

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Wat u niet ziet bij de ‘Staats- NOS van Pimp Frans Klein’ : Russia celebrates 74th anniversary of Victory over Nazi’s Axis Power(Video). 
Those dastardly Russian hackers are alive and well and meddling in the upcoming corrupt European Parliament elections, warned the New York Times and the ‘dr. Goebbels- Dutch-State NPO from ‘Pimp Frans Klein’. Just don’t expect to see any proof, because the paper offers none.Fresh from interfering in seemingly everything wrong in America, unidentified Russian hackers have shifted their attention to Europe, deploying information warfare tactics to give a boost to populist and right-wing parties ahead of next month’s European corrupt Parliament elections. At least according to a Fake News corporate crime New York Times article, given the front-page treatment on Sunday.The ‘Fake SS-News-story’ is heavy with accusation. The Russians, it states, are busy “spreading disinformation that 50 million people are living under the poverty line in the EU ( ,(that’s a Fact)encouraging discord and amplifying distrust in the  ‘Taxfree-Elite-Crime- Snake in Suits-centrist’ parties that have governed for decades.” Among their tools are news websites that “bear the same electronic signatures as pro-Kremlin websites,” Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, and WhatsApp groups.

‘Most ridiculous interview ever’: Farage blasts State- BBC in testy live exchange on Marr show.  En ‘Underground Presentator Steve Brown’ van de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-noir/SaltoTV  maakt gehakt van de altijd liegende& corrupte laffe ‘dr. Goebbels- NPO – Moskou -correspondent David Jan Godfroid’(Video):


Wat u gisteren niet zag bij de NPO: Tear gas, water cannons, clashes at week 26 of Yellow Vest protests tegen ‘Boy Macron’(Video).
Although the Fake News corporate crime  Times article claimed that “intelligence officials,” and “security experts” back up its theories, it quotes only one: Former FBI analyst  the extrem corrupt  Daniel Jones, who now runs a nonprofit entitled Advance Democracy for The Taxfree-Ultra-Rich.“They’re working to destroy everything that was built post-World War II,” Jones said, an explanation rivaling  War Crimenal George W. Bush’s “they hate our freedom” for its nonsensical reductionism. Is it possible that Jones might have an corrupt  agenda? Most definitely. The former intelligence analyst runs a second nonprofit, The Democracy Integrity Project, from his home in Virginia. TDIP spent much of the last two years emailing a daily “collusion” Fake-SS- News-newsletter to journalists, including those at the New York Times.

GroensLinks(advertentie): Stem bij de EU Verkiezingen op ons voor meer ‘Konte-Bonke’ en Oorlog’s Hitserij van onze ‘CIA Trol- Bram van Oijk(Video).

Wat u wel ziet is :Rusland Hysterie –dag’ bij de Staats BBC& NOS(Video): Armen gaan 9 jaar eerder dood dan de Rijken(Video) en daar komt geen Rus aan te pas !

Horror-Show-PvdA-Asscher-propaganda-Time’: ‘MH17-Huilkomediant -Timmermans’ redt EU bij Buitenhof en dood aan ‘Boy Baudet'(Video).

Ex-NATO ‘SS-commander Stavridis’ pushing ‘War- Russia- xenophobia’ to line his Blood-pockets. Van Oijk & Sjoerdsma :Wij doen het zelfde(Video)
Jones’ ties to the corrupt Democratic party machine are also extensive. A former staffer for California Senator Dianne Feinstein (D), Jones reportedly worked with opposition research firm Fusion GPS to continue to search for evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia even after Mad Dog-Trump’s  ‘Freak-Pedo-Clinton-election’. The uncorroborated claims made in the so-called ‘Steele Dossier’ often featured prominently in TDIP’s daily memos to reporters, and leaked text messages to Democrat Senate Intelligence Committee member Mark Warner revealed Jones to be an associate of  the corrupt Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier.With the Steele Dossier deemed unfit to print by every single mainstream media outlet (except, of course, Buzzfeed), and with the “collusion” narrative completely dismantled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, who else can the New York Times bring in to back up their Russian meddling expose?With the Steele Dossier deemed unfit to print by every single mainstream media outlet (except, of course, Buzzfeed), and with the “collusion” narrative completely dismantled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, who else can the New York Times bring in to back up their Russian meddling expose?Enter Ben Nimmo, who claims at the end of the article that Europe is a “test bed” for Russian interference efforts. Again, Nimmo offers no proof, but a glimpse at his resume gives an idea of what his motivations might be. A senior fellow at NATO-sponsored corrupt think tank the Atlantic Council, Nimmo has emerged in recent years as a reliable Russia-basher, always ready to give a juicy soundbite to the media. He’s also identified thousands of ‘Russian-linked’ Twitter accounts, based on some thoroughly dodgy methodology.With two ‘experts’ down, what has the Times got left? Not much. The article notes that “a definitive attribution would require the kind of tools that the ‘TaxFree-War Crime-Killer-Elite- American- government’ used to reveal the 2016 interference.” Of course, none is provided.

Even if the Russians aren’t involved, the article claims that populist and right-wing groups in Europe are “adopting many of the Kremlin’s tactics.” In practice, this means that the nasties on the right side of the political spectrum make funny memes and videos to support their candidates of choice. Running through the article is a palpable fear that the Elite-Snake in Suits centrism(Video) that has dominated European politics for more than half a century is now under threat. “False and divisive stories about the European Union, ‘SS-NATO,’ immigrants and more,” amplify the threat, driving voters into the embrace of populist parties, “many of them sympathetic to Russia.”However, never once does it occur to the authors that perhaps Europeans are simply tiring of the consensus. Perhaps they disagree with mass immigration, especially at a time of slow economic recovery from the Great Recession. Perhaps they disagree with the often unaccountable bureaucracy of Brussels, and their membership in a military alliance that they have personally never felt a connection with. After all, populism is called populism because its positions are popular ones.But nope, it’s all a sinister Russian plot to undermine democracy. Let’s go with that one.

D66 DDR66 (advertentie) Stem bij de EU Verkiezingen op ons voor meer D66-& Fraudeur & Witwasser- Sophie’ in ’t Veld die betrapt is op jatten van 4 ton Taxfree met ‘Nep &Fop onkostenvergoedingen’:  Hysterische Sophie: Pas op voor de Russen en Chinezen(Video). 

Redt de Wereld en help Tulsi Gabberd het Witte huis in : Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Campaign to Challenge ‘US-Killer-Elite-Military-Industrial Complex’ with Puppets Trump&.Clintons&Obama, etc.(Video)

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  1. Het is geen strijd tussen het Westen en Rusland/China.

    Het is een strijd tussen de hogere kringen, multinationals, banken en politici tegen de labbekakken.

    Rusland/China doen ook mee in de agenda van de corrupte elite.

    Rusland zorgt voor een modern leger om straks de labbekakken wereldwijd te kunnen onderdrukken.

    China koopt nu alles op in opdracht van de elite, om de labbekakken straks nog meer te kunnen uitzuigen.

    Het zal me niet verbazen als straks Macron Russische militairen gaat inzetten, die vermomd als Franse politie-agenten en Franse orde-troepen de staat van beleg in Frankrijk gaan beheren.


  2. Putin was niet happy toen het westen Kosovo van Servië afhakte. Rusland en China hebben namelijk ook moslim gebieden die daarvoor in aanmerking komen.

    Gelukkig ‘overleed’ de boeman Milosevic in zijn cel in Scheveningen, anders was hij gewoon vrijgesproken. Dit zou ook bij Assad gebeuren, maar die haalt de deur van de petrodollar rechtzaal niet eens.

    In Joegoslavië konden geheime diensten wapens van voormalige DDR leveren, maar in Syrië zitten de ontdekte arsenalen van jihadi’s vol met westerse wapens (filmpjes staan online).

    Rechters zijn geschrokken van beeldmateriaal van slachtpartijen:


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