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‘US-Taxfree-War-Crime-Killer-Elite’ Special-Forces-School’ Publishes New Guide for Overthrowing Governments with Puppet Trump Like in Cuba, Iran and Venezuela Now.

( van onze wordt Wakker redactie) AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Welcome to ‘Sleel the Oil- Coup-university’: A corrupte  Pentagon scholar’s guide to overthrowing governments with the ‘War-Crime-NATO’(Video)  and there ‘EU Slaves- Sates’  with Puppets like the […]

Terwijl de ‘Olie-Coup’ aan de gang is in Venezuela is US & NL Dying: Drugs & Homelessness & ‘Labbekakken-Slaven & Rovend ‘Rat in pak-Gajes ‘in NL

(By Russia Today and Real Clear Politics  en de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTv  ondersteunt door onze wordt Wakker redactie)  AMSTERDAM-NOIR -‘CIA Puppet-Guaido’ losing popularity at home despite ‘US-Killer-Elite –support’. D66 ‘DDR66-Sophie in t Veld’ […]

‘Psycho-Pompeo’ support for ‘Saudi&UK-led -Mass- bombing’ Childeren and Baby’s is the way to ensure’ Genocide- US-Killer-Elite- Peace’.

( van onze US&EU-Killer-Elite redactie)   AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Pompeo orders ‘Oil giants-crime groups’ to push ‘US-Killer-Elite &the people of Iraq are Monkeys-foreign-Nazi- policy’. Rutte ziet Kansen voor ‘Taxfree-Shell-crime group’!(Video) Waarom wordt de Psychopaat Pompe […]