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‘Psycho-Pompeo’ support for ‘Saudi&UK-led -Mass- bombing’ Childeren and Baby’s is the way to ensure’ Genocide- US-Killer-Elite- Peace’.

( van onze US&EU-Killer-Elite redactie)   AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Pompeo orders ‘Oil giants-crime groups’ to push ‘US-Killer-Elite &the people of Iraq are Monkeys-foreign-Nazi- policy’. Rutte ziet Kansen voor ‘Taxfree-Shell-crime group’!(Video) Waarom wordt de Psychopaat Pompe […]

Trump’s ‘Democratic’ Opposition &EU expects Gabbard & Omar Endorses His ‘Oil-Coup’ in Venezuela with ‘CIA Puppet Guaido’ .

(Written by Alexander Rubinsteinen ondersteunt door onze redactie) AMSTERDAM-NOIR– ‘War Criminal Abrams’ and his ‘Religion-insane Boss-Pence’ give their ‘CIA Puppet Gualdo’ instruction in ‘Narco-Colombia’ for their ‘Oil-Coup’ in Venezuela.  Nothing unites the D.C. […]